But they take the animals in without a second thought. Vets wish there were magic wands and magic bullets, but alas, there are none. If they were all about money, they would have become human doctors or dentists. For example: Don't take off the e-collar because a friend said it was fine for her own dog, then get mad at your vet when your dog chews at the surgery site. The highest-earning vets grossed over $143,000 annually. Of course, pets and their diseases don't read the textbooks, so some cases can get pretty difficult. Sniffing out pheromones, especially for reproductive purposes, has long been observed in the animal kingdom. If your vet knows your financial concerns ahead of time, they will do their best to work within your budget. How can I make these bold claims? However, there's only so much the vet can do when you have a very sick pet and only enough money to cover the exam. They all went through a lot of education, training, and experience to be there for you and your pet. Her articles have appeared in "Nashville City Paper," "Nashville Parent magazine" and numerous online publications. Whether it's clients running late for appointments (that gets the whole day off-schedule) or the loss of a beloved patient, working in this field can take a toll. This is great! It's because they need all the details in order to make the best recommendations for your pet. If your vet makes a recommendation that you are unable or unwilling to take, speak up! Sure, you might also want to seek advice from friends, family, neighbors, breeders, groomers and so on. Fischer: We know much more because we are only now able to examine many dimensions of brain functioning in thriving human beings. Cats don't [always] get on with other cats, [and people don't realize] how much that can stress them out. They must rely upon research and testing, put together all of the facts, then use a touch of educated guesswork in order to figure out what is going on with a patient and how to treat it. State and local governments need vets for their law enforcement dogs and other animals critical to government work. Bureau of Labor Statistics: Veterinarians, VeterinarianEDU.org: How to Become a Vet in Texas. However, it can sometimes be a thankless, stressful job. For their undergraduate education, future veterinarians must study biology, nutrition, animal science, chemistry, physics, math and English. After receiving their veterinary medicine license, vets can choose to complete intensive training in a veterinary specialty, such as oncology, radiology, animal dentistry, dermatology, cardiology, preventative animal medicine, internal medicine, exotic small animal medicine and surgery. (This kind of thing happens all the time.). Your vet wants you to reach out for help. The other 6 percent works only with horses. Some cry at the loss of patients; some get frustrated when they cannot help a patient or client; some get angry when things don't go well; some bury the emotions and develop issues later on. Frontiers in veterinary science vol. These gestures feel very rewarding (though they are never expected or considered necessary). Sometimes vets even make mistakes, but of course, they do their best to avoid that. 6 Do Humans Have Pheromones?. Similar to medical physicians, veterinarians can choose to specialize in certain areas. The truth is, you're probably paying less than those services are truly worth. Vets who work in clinical research use their knowledge of animals and apply it to human problems. Please ask questions. Kogan, Lori R et al. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. They watch animals experience pain and confusion and do their best to comfort them. 7 328. Veterinarians may also perform surgery and prescribe medications to animals that require it. Every support staff member has been trained to act according to the veterinarian's preferences. At the end of the day, what vets and their teams really want is for your pet to be healthy and for you to be happy. Vets Can Make More Than $70,000 a Year. Vets and their staff members also take home pets that have been abandoned, sometimes overstretching their own means. A certain amount of profit is needed to keep the business thriving. If you have time constraints or financial restrictions, your vet will do our best to work with you. Some vets work in basic research, studying about animals and medical science; others work in applied research, where they figure out new methods of using what they know about animals and applying it to humans. If you decide to skip routine exams, to suddenly stop a medication, or otherwise disregard your vet's advice, you're doing two things: putting your pet in harm's way and degrading the relationship you have with your vet. The bottom line: You are paying for a professional, just like you would pay a lawyer or physician. They give bad news to pet owners with empathy and help them make some of the most difficult decisions. And you probably should be paying more. Oli Scarff / Getty Images News / Getty Images. In order to be a successful veterinarian, a person must love animals and want to help them. Then, they graduate, become DVMs and make a fraction of what MDs make out of school. Don't worry, you won't be judged you if you waited a little too long to bring your dog in for itchy ears, or if you miss some doses of medication.

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