Applications must be made to students’ department during their first term after admission. The location of the link for application can be found in Student Information System (SIS) when student log in to Student Center. MPhil: 15 credits PhD: 21 credits . Students are entitled to request access to their personal data held by the University at a fee and to request the correction of these data. If you will be taking courses that do not appear on the course equivalence table, you should request for course assessment by submitting the application to ARO. University News Academic Departments A-Z Life@HKUST Library. ... Credit Transfer System. It would be useful for you to review your major program requirements before seeking advice. As the course content may differs throughout the years, there is no guarantee that the courses will be transferred as listed at the time you are on exchange. APRU Inbound Virtual Student Exchange Program, APRU Outbound Virtual Student Exchange Program, AEARU Global Learning Initiatives Program, Credit transfer course equivalence database. Courses taken at regionally accredited institutions of higher learning other than the University of St. Thomas and accepted for credit by St. Thomas are called transfer courses. Forgot Password. Map & Directions Jobs@HKUST Faculty Profiles About HKUST. More about HKUST. Minimum Credit Requirement. The scope of services covers both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Students may not be given transfer credits for courses where no credit is granted from the host institutions. What to read next. A new system for undergraduate credit transfer application is recently launched. The grade does not count towards your CGA or GGA at HKUST. All enquiries and applications regarding credit transfer for 4Y students should be submitted to ARO. Form-GR21 . University News Academic Departments A-Z Life@HKUST Library. Students who have attained the required level of English proficiency before admission are eligible for the credit transfer of 6 University Common Core English Communications credits (equivalent to LANG1002 and LANG1003); for details please click. Be aware of the credit system differences between HKUST and the host institution, and the credit conversion adopted by HKUST. For details, please consult respective academic advisors. This database only holds the course equivalence information of successful credit transfer applications in the past. Advanced credits may be granted to students who have attained pre-tertiary qualifications or studies completed elsewhere at an appropriate level prior to admission to HKUST. LIBRARY. Cross-disciplinary Core Courses. Student Award System. If you have submitted evidence to the Academic Registry (ARO) and your English proficiency level meets the requirements, you will be granted credit transfer when you register for your programme. News. The HKUST conversion is 1 ECTS equivalent to 0.5 HKUST credits. Such requests should be made to the . What to read next Upon your return from your exchange, submit an online application to ARO for approval. Credit transfer is a process that is separate from working out your study plan. Generally, the University of St. Thomas accepts liberal arts courses taken at a regionally accredited college or university if the final grade was a C- or higher. Submit the application, including course information and official transcript, to the Academic Registry via the Credit Transfer Application System: in exchange program it refers to the term of study elsewhere). There may be restrictions (or exclusions) on transfer to HKUST courses (e.g. GR21 (1/2016) Page 2 of 2 ARO Service Desk is a one-stop platform for enquiry management. We encourage you to take the steps below in preparing your study plan and credit transfer arrangements: Check out the course information from the websites of partner institutions before deciding your exchange venue choices, so as to ensure that there are suitable courses for you to take. Consult the EVMT Program Office for advice on the equivalent HKUST credits to apply. - Pilot launch of online application for credit transfer to students. HKUST Authentication Service (via CAS) User Account. 31 … Subject to the approval of the Program Director and the University regulations governing credit transfer, a maximum of 9 credits can be transferred to the program. FINA 3000-level, MARK 4000-level, etc), the number of transfer credits granted will be determined by the corresponding academic units of the relevant subjects. More about HKUST. The Academic Registry (ARO) is the central coordinating office for all exchange credit transfer applications for 4Y students. Exchange courses, as described above, are not transfer courses. IS Major students of 2014-15 Cohort and after are not allowed to use IS 1000-level / 2000-level to count towards IS Elective, students may only apply for credit transfer to MATH1013 OR MATH1020, but not both) hence students may not be eligible to apply credit transfer for all mapping courses in the Database. The University may also require you to submit course materials, outlines, the syllabus for assessment purposes and any other relevant documents, as it deems appropriate. Students who would like to apply for credit transfer during study should follow the procedure below: 1. The number of transfer credits to be granted will be determined by the department following a review of past academic records and the level of equivalence to HKUST courses concerned. Minimum Credit Requirement. UG . 1 November 2018. Credit Transfer Database. Students may only apply for credit transfer to HKUST courses which are active in the academic term when the transfer credits are articulated (for transfer credits on-entry it refers to the first academic term, for transfer credits during studies e.g. The Registry Services Team of the Academic Registry is responsible for implementing academic policies, procedures and systems in relation to student records, registration, examinations and graduation. Have a flexible study plan, since it is quite often that certain courses offered by partner institutions may not be open each term, or certain courses may not be open to exchange students. Academic Registrar, Room .

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