Cut into bars. Well, friends, it is here. Store in an airtight container in the fridge. This no bake almond flour recipe, would make the perfect treat to have on hand during the week when you’re craving something sweet yet guilt free. And it produces such a wonderful Plus, they’re chock-full of protein and fiber thanks to the triple almond goodness, dried cranberries and coconut. Easy to customize, and they’re low in sugar, gluten free and grain free. No bake protein bars are a fantastic anytime snack, and this chocolate almond version is as healthy as it is delicious! Ohh, and they taste like chocolate covered almonds … This is such a simple recipe with a few common ingredients that most people always have on hand in their kitchen pantry. After sharing my keto almond joy fat bomb recipe, I knew it wasn’t the end of all things Almond Joy.. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had keto Twix bars, keto Snickers bars, and my favorite Keto Kit Kat Bars.Since my Keto bounty bars recipe was posted, I had an influx of requests…. Pour the chocolate over the base and spread evenly. Where is the almond joy? Instead of almond butter I used un-hulled tahini spread which worked like a treat. These protein bars just happen to be my favorite! 53 reviews for Almond-Honey Power Bar I made these yesterday & omitted the sugar completely. These Almond Granola Bars are protein-rich and iron-rich easy no-bake granola bars sweetened with maple syrup and a tiny bit of white chocolate. Add the almond butter and stir until combined. Bars made from white beans and almond butter are loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and can be prepped in bulk for busy mornings. I make these every Christmas for the cookie tray that I always have well stocked for our family's annual Christmas party. I used goji berries instead of the apricots & sultanas instead of currants. Refrigerate for 1 hour or until firm. Healthy Almond Joy Bars. The reason I love these healthy almond bars recipe so much is the sweet-crunchy-chewy-combo. Makes 18 bars “There’s nothing like having a supply of better-for-you snack bars on hand for when the mood strikes.

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