I disliked the name Maria when I was growing up because is marked me as part of an ethnic group that people made jokes about. When I was learning Gaelic, one of the first words I wanted to know, was owl. He told me that, a name is like a river, it flows with you. Over the years I have also had a few magical names that I have only ever used within the privacy of my Druid Grove. And in the sunlit forest, the animals they bowed, As the Piper lay his Goddess down. I did use those names as ‘middle names’ for a bit, then, got married, name changed, etc. But I never forgot the Catholicism of my early childhood and the Virgin Mary sort of became my “gateway drug” into the Goddess movement and then Paganism. my grandmother used to do medical work at a hospice & one day, as she was leaving, someone had left two twin cats (long-haired, white ones) outside the door, abandoned them there & left a note. Your email address will not be published. I found the name Damh quite easily. Like a morning explosion that started in her brain, charged her arms and palms to rack her black leathered fingers arched back back . exquisitely, surged to lurch out her chest. For some reason I’ve currently chosen the online nickname Dirge, not sure why it just feels right. A look of recognition fell across his face, “Lucifer, oh Lucifer, why do you appear to me? Riding as high as the black sky, she splayed against its membrane, that black skin and wanted, yearned, wanted a desire, yearningly desired . day, High on the music that they made. Thanks for sharing Damh- I’m always intrigued by how people come by their pagan names. When I took up Maggie Magpie, I asked a good friend of mine (also in the Corvid Family) what he thought. … My brother’s named Dave, but just apparently changed it to ‘David’ quite recently, I heard…. Another reason for starting that blog… xx river, Named my daughter Freya (Norse Goddess) Emily (Pink Floyd song) King. Grandmother has called me by it. These names changed as my life-flow changed. I like that. Not speaking Gaelic, I asked a young lady for directions as to where your gig was being held inside the hotel. Related Damh The Bard Links Official page The January Man video Damh The Bard twitter Damh The Bard facebook. Much to my surprise, about a year ago my youngest sister gave her beautiful baby girl my name as a middle name. At about 5 I chose my middle name having noticed others had one and I didn’t, when I moved into pagan circles, and on a big leap in my life it was natural to adapt it, I may do so again one day if I feel the need. I was open to the idea of a Pagan name and one day I bought a copy of the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr–Gomm. So, I was right … and she was right! So I took the name of my Power Animal, the stag, yet kept the link with my given name too. I love my name When I was young I was always called’ Margaret’, but it never felt like ‘me’. (Chorus) I’m no devil I’m Father to the land, I have lived here since the Earth began, Neither black nor white, Priest hear what I say, I’m green and grey. Subscribe to Damh’s Blog and free eNewsletter for blog articles, music news and concert dates. See the full Green and Grey lyrics from Damh the Bard. Eventually I moved across the country and when meeting new folk I always say I’m Meg. Nature, Myth, Magic and Music This left me growing up with the full awareness that my name can be adapted to fit me. In Pagan circles many people take different names. Believe it or not, it’s Cailleachoidhche! My maiden name was Dewhurst which was charming but had bad karmer through my alcaholic father, my marriage has brought me Donbavand which is meant to refer to ‘bird in hand’ around Lancashire in days of old…no idea what it means but birds have always touched my heart – they are often small, capeable of living through harsh times and being free to fly – i’m completely happy with my name, if only there was a Goddess called Nicola i’d be made up! I had a few at school but none stuck for long.

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