The only thing is that the chocolate cookie did not have much flavor and neither did the ice-cream… In an online review of the Great Value ice cream sandwiches, a consumer from Oklahoma wrote, “These ice cream sandwiches are a great value and looked great out of the wrapper. The claim started in 2014, and the video proof you may have seen circulating is legit. When asked for comment about the seemingly never-melting ice cream sandwich, a WalMart representative responded by noting that the melting rate of Great Value ice cream sandwiches … It sounds like something that's a complete urban legend, but Snopes says it's at least partly true that Walmart's Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches don't melt in the sun. Score: 9.7/10 Coming in at the top with our highest taste test score ever (ever!) Score sheets for this treat were filled with comments like, “really nice overall,” “great vanilla, great … is Target’s Market Pantry ice cream sandwiches.

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