Tutor. This list of five careers with a degree in tourism is just a starting point. Earning a bachelor’s degree in public administration (BPA) helps prepare prospective candidates for entry-level jobs in public administration. Featured Criminal Justice Government Graduate Programs Grand Canyon University Walden University University of St. Thomas Criminal Justice Administration With a degree in criminal justice administration, a person will be well equipped to obtain many types of job positions. Program Manager 8. More than 160,000 employees will be needed in this field. This job has a strong median salary of $107,320, while the top 10% can expect a pay of over $205,000! Average Base Pay: $105,996 Number of Open Jobs: 896 Description: As a government affairs director, you would help companies understand and adapt to regulations and government initiatives, as well as lobby government about new or proposed laws. Careers for Spanish Majors with a Bachelor's Degree. What should you do, however, if, after completing your degree you decide you don't want to teach children after all. Grant Tech Jobs; B.Tech Agriculture Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Chief Engineer Vacancy; Civil Engineering; Contract Engineer … In addition to teaching, some college professors also conduct research and write scholarly articles. Online, Distance Learning Associates, Baccalaureate and Master’s in Business Administration A Bachelor’s in Tourism isn’t just about fun travel destinations. Unsurprisingly, job roles that related directly to taxation – including tax examiner, tax collector and revenue agent – are government jobs. Entry-level positions typically require a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. The agencies that are experiencing the highest demand for general engineers in government positions include the Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy. Economist: Average salary: $101,050 Financial Manager Or maybe you've spent years in … Political Consultant 4. Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Computer Science; Bachelor in Information Assurance; Bachelor in Programming; Bachelor in Information Technology. The College Majors Handbook reports that fewer than 25% of people with a bachelor's degree in psychology find work in jobs that are closely related to their college major. There are many political ... #2 International Relations. Top Best Degree for Government Jobs: It teaches business, communication, customer service and event planning skills. A bachelor's degree in education will prepare you for a job as an elementary or secondary school teacher. #1 Public Administration. Example Job Titles: Information Security Analyst; Information Systems Security Analyst; Computer Systems Security Analyst; Computer Security Specialist; Network Security Analyst. Find content marketer jobs on Monster. When looking for a government job with your Business Degree, the best starting point is the government’s own site, USAjobs.gov. Most of the Government Organizations, Banking and Public sector companies requires any degree / Graduates in any discipline for Clerk level, Officer level and Administrative level posts. 3. Here are nine jobs you might want to get with your new degree. Any Bachelors Degree 2020 notification regarding central and state companies & its jobs vacancies across various sectors like Banking, Defence, Railway jobs, Teaching, College, Financial Institutions, Universities & Schools, SSC, UPSC, Agriculture Jobs and many more. The level of education required for federal jobs is dependent upon the position applied for. Tax Auditor, Board of Equalization Tax Auditor, Franchise Tax Board. What you’d make: $46,718 per year. A. But to be a good college professor, patience, enthusiasm, communication skills and organizational skills are vital. Leadership or management roles may require an advanced degree. Government Affairs Director. Campaign Worker 2. Though a degree specifically in legal studies isn’t required, most government departments require parole officers to have a bachelor’s degree related to law or social work. Graduates with a bachelor's degree can also apply to graduate programs for additional training and opportunities. Work experience, in many cases, can be substituted for a BS college degree. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree in psychology contains courses that provide knowledge and skills criminologists need to excel in their job. Copywriter. 6 Jobs for Economics Majors That Require Additional Training or Significant Experience. Lobbyist 3. The job is expected to rise by 10% in the future, and while many positions only require a bachelor’s degree, you will need a few years of direct experience before getting hired into the managerial role. Tutors with a bachelor’s degree in a certain area can find plenty of work in-person at a university or online. Civil Jobs; B. Bachelor Degree Govt Jobs; B. For example, in the Administrative Management career fields, 3 years of general work … If recruiting, screening and rating job applicants sound appealing to you, a human resources specialist can become your first federal government job, and you do not need to have any previous experience to get employed. Urban Planner 6. To become a government anthropologist or archaeologist, you need a master's or doctoral degree; those with a bachelor's degree can often find employment as a fieldworker or assistant. With this site you can narrow your search first by your location, then by degree required or department. The Best Degrees to Get Into Government. In order to qualify for entry level jobs in engineering, a bachelor’s degree is required. However, a Spanish degree does not have to be combined with another degree to lead to a good career. A bachelor's degree prepares graduates for entry-level jobs in fields like business, engineering, and technology. 1. Agricultural Engineering; Automobile Engineering; B.E/B.TECH Govt Jobs; B.E. To apply for this federal government job, having a bachelor’s degree will be sufficient. FlexJobs screens every job listed on the job board website, making sure that every job is legit and not a scam. An undergraduate degree in economics can be a good starting point for careers in law, consulting, and government service, but the reality is that, in many cases, you will need to go beyond a bachelor's. Tips for Finding Government Jobs. This can open the doors to careers that aren’t accessible with only an undergraduate degree, including many research, counseling, consulting and teaching positions. Jobs in some occupations, such as engineer, ecologist, and lawyer, require that workers have a bachelor's or graduate degree and credit for specific college classes. These versatile degrees qualify graduates for so many job options. Intelligence officer Fundraiser 7. Approximately sixty percent of all federal workers do not have a college degree. In addition, successful completion of the bachelor’s degree will lay an excellent foundation for continued study in pursuit of public administration jobs.

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