Head inside, and you’ll discover the place has six floors to explore! The Outer Worlds Discovering the Botanical Lab gives you 400xp. The plant is currently under security lockdown. Talk to him and calm him down, he will introduce himself as Chester D. Higgins. Take the ladder going up instead to return to the 4th floor and use the switch. The next switch is here. Turn right, as the door on the left is barred, and go down the ramp on the right side. If you have high Intelligence, you can comment that it’s a responsible choice based on whether the leader can provide. You'll be asked to make a decision in connection with two particular story quests - Stranger in a Strange Land and Comes Now the Power. You can hear her opinion: she thinks that you should not cut off Edgewater’s power as people there are just living their lives the only way they know how. Owner(s) Go North from Edgewater and you’ll come to an intersection with several Marauders to take out and loot. Once you descend on your left is the Security closet and Security office. Go back to the landing pad to meet Ludwig and get another 1700xp and Mag-2-Zap (Weapon Mod). Here you meet Higgins, who is convinced you are not real. Ignore the door on the right and take the stairs on the left back up to the 5F. Here you’ll face 1x Marauder Lookout and 2x Marauder Vandal alongside a Marauder Goon and 2x Tamed Canid. Power Plant Security Lockdown (5F) If Parvati is in your party, Adelaide will comment that her father died of overwork. Go to the Landing Pad which is in the South of  Edgewater to get this quest by talking to Ludwig Miller and agree with the mechanical uprising theory and accept the quest to head north for the Junkyard. You will need to get the Security Chief’s keycard from his corpse by going up the staircase from the repair bay. You can ask for a power regulator and get 1028xp to advance the quest. This will negatively affect your Reputation though. If Parvati is in your group she will freak out if you kill him and she’ll tell you she needs to leave. You have to find switches the first of which is on the 4th floor close to where you descend on it. You can select to cure him of his wounds and persuade him to give you his gun, which will result in obtaining Light Ammo x111, Light Pistol and Sentry Sabre. You can do this by going left after exiting the cannery, and going into the large building past the square. It is the only source of power for Edgewater and the Emerald Vale Botanical Labs. Chester HigginsJeremy (potential) Mag-Pick, Adrena-Time, Adreno and Weapon Parts can be looted from this room. Geothermal Power Plant is a location in the Emerald Vale. As part of the Die, Robot quest in The Outer Worlds, players will need to find a Logic Module for Ludwig Miller. She thinks that Ms McDevitt is delighting in Edgewater’s suffering and you would be part to it if you sided with her. You can then lift it with Reed Tobson’s passcode and explore area. Comes Now the PowerDie, RobotFoundation Geothermal Power Plant is a location in the Emerald Vale. Find the Saltuna Cannery and go inside. Second Switch (4F) Speak to Adelaide for 22,500 XP, Deserter’s Reputation up, The Board Reputation down (by a couple percent) and you will receive Adaelaide’s Watch, which is worth 1,750 but has no other use. You can tell her that you met Pelham and patched him up, and then persuade her to deal with the outlaws, or take on them yourself. In this same room, if you have Chester’s Passcode you can hack a terminal. Speak to Ada again to blast off the planet, ending the quest and beginning the quest Passage to Anywhere. You will find out that her fertilizer is being made of the dead of Edgewater, and she claims it is this natural process of proper decomposition that is making the greenery around the Botanical Lab and preventing the Deserters from catching the Plague. Quests Go back toward the entrance and take the path going down to the 5th floor. Pick the lock on the next door you encounter to your right and you’ll access a Workbench and a path that is blocked by steam. I’m Liberating You” will have him tell you he never asked to be liberated. Ask if that is possible, and Max will warn you that outside the walls is a dangerous place. You’ll come across two dead residents and cann loot 1x Revolver and 1x Tossball Blocker before climbing a hill and getting your first view of the town. note: before you descend to the right you is the corridor that takes you to the Control Room. Shortly before the incident, Spacer's Choice took out a significant insurance policy against the plant and deployed a team of engineering specialists to refit the plant's population of automechanicals. You can ask why he says this and he will reveal he wants to retrieve heretical books in the possession of a collector outside the walls. You can offer to keep an eye out and unlock the Side Quest: A Few Kindred Spirits. There is a locked container that has a Telescoping Staff. Accept to gain your first Companion. You can press the conversation to learn that the plant is inhabited by deserters (former workers) and he needs them back because their quotas are down, and they might be shut down for good. If you ask about her problems she will mention someone named Zoe has gone missing. If you redirected power to Edgewater then you’ll need to speak with Adelaide. The game will give you some movement tutorials as you move forward, as well as pointing out stealth mechanics to avoid some dogs. There is also an LMG there if you want. Go into the town and you’ll gain 600xp for your discovery. Retrieve it and backtrack to the security office to open the door. The Geothermal Power Plant, also called the Edgewater Geothermal Plant and the Emerald Vale Geothermal Plant, is a location in the Emerald Vale. To find the Geothermal Security Chief’s Keycard, from the front door you come in head straight and straight down onto the 5F; you will see “Mind Your Head” sign as you descend. Third Switch (5F) Further ahead, the Edgewater Community Center area is swarming with them so give it a wide berth to avoid heavy combat for now. Inhabitants You can explore the area and you’ll find a dead resident that is holding a Shovel, and there is also a Hatchet and Armor Parts to be looted. Higgins (1F) Read the nearby terminal and learn about the replacement of guard personnel with machines, their malfunction and events that lead to the security lockdown. And you might have missed out on that code, if you were’t careful. There’s a big choice to make near the beginning of The Outer Worlds. You can thank her for talking to you as you end the conversation for some appreciation from her. Behind a knocked over table in this room the Geothermal Security Chief’s Key-card can be found on a dead body; located behind a turned over table next to the glass. The Outer Worlds Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You can ask him if he can stop the mechanicals, but you need Persuade or Intimidate 20 to succeed. You can talk to him to learn about the Grand Plan, Grand Architect, and his role within it all. Geothermal Power Plant is one of the Locations in The Outer Worlds. The Geothermal Passcode is a quest item used in the quest, Comes Now the Power. Sealed door in the Geothermal Plant manager’s office in the Outer Worlds Comes Now the Power quest is a locked door that you have to open in order to proceed with the mission.

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