Fig: steps of cDNA cloning source: 1. 5) After a large number of cell divisions, a colony, or clone, of identical host cells is produced. Isolation of DNA. DNA Cloning takes place in the following steps: Cutting and Pasting DNA. Isolation of mRNA: A crude extract of the tissue with the gene of interest is prepared. Two types of enzymes are used in this method: Restriction enzymes; DNA ligase; The restriction enzymes cut the DNA at specific target sequences. Steps and procedure: Gene cloning is a simple, yet complicated and highly sophisticated technique. 4. Cutting of DNA at specific locations. Gene cloning from cDNA. reproductive cloning: cloning of entire organisms. Figure 10.6 This diagram shows the steps involved in molecular cloning. Gene Cloning: Major Steps Involved In Cloning a Gene! Steps of gene cloning: Following are the steps of gene cloning: 1. The extract must be free from proteins, polysaccharides and all other contaminants. “Somatic cell nuclear transfer” or simply “nuclear transfer,” It requires two kinds of cell. The central dogma of molecular biology states that genetic information flows from DNA to RNA to protein. GENE CLONING,ITS HISTORY, NEW ADVENT IN GENE CLONING, PCR IMPORTANCE ,APPLICATION OF GENE CLONING,STEPS OF GENE CLONING,Antisense technology,Gene cloning in agriculture,Somatic cell therapy,Role of gene cloning in identification of genes responsible for human diseases,Synthesis of other recombinant human proteins and recombinant vaccines 3. Gene cloning or molecular cloning is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of experimental protocols leading to the transfer of genetic information from one organism to another. Gene cloning is a process of synthesizing DNA artificially using vectors. A fragment of DNA containing a gene of interest is isolated, inserted into the plasmid and transformed using a suitable bacterial host. 2. What is DNA cloning ?
When DNA is extracted from an organism, all its genes are obtained
In gene (DNA) cloning a particular gene is copied (cloned)
5. transgenic: describing an organism that receives DNA from a different species ... a form of genetic analysis that manipulates DNA to disrupt or affect the product of a gene to analyze the gene’s function. Basic Steps of Gene Cloning 4) When the host cell divides, copies of the recombinant DNA molecule are passed to the progeny and further vector replication takes place. The target gene is inserted into the cut site and is ligated by DNA ligase. Thus genes that are actively transcribed and translated into proteins will have a pool of corresponding messenger RNA molecules floating in cell cytoplasm. DNA Cloning Steps. Amplification of gene of interest. One is a somatic cell, which is collected from the animal that is to be cloned, which the most common cloning method is known as the “genetic donor”.

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