Our students enjoy the class, they typically state that it exceeded their expectations, and that they never learned so much in their lives. You will EARN your certificate at Sheffield. How long is the program and what does it cost? Published by AeroCareers on 29th June 201629th June 2016. Aviation Weather Advisory Circular. Passing a Part 65 FAA-approved course enables the applicant to take the FAA practical exam. He currently works at United Airlines. I wanted to thank you again, so much, for being my instructor. Friday of the first week on Weather Theory. The material covered includes the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 65, Subpart C and covers the following subject matter: We recommend enrolling at least 30 days before the class start date, although you may enroll any time before class commences if space is available. Some say it doesn’t matter where you get your certificate. CC@ AeroCareers 2020- Aviation is for Everyone ! Here is the video embedded on the Module 13’s Contents, Reference books and Read more…, Maintaining personnel aircraft maintenance engineer’s logbook is mandatory under CAR-66 regulations. Our 5-week aircraft dispatcher course for 200 hours is FAA-approved. Is this correct? All supplies, including textbooks, access to FAA books online, and Sheffield’s comprehensive. Once THAT is passed, the applicant becomes certificated. Statements of guarantees are an abomination and should be stripped from all advertising by those who have the ability and wherewithall to do so. We would rather cut a refund check periodically to someone who didn’t put forth the effort than to have our 70+ year reputation tarnished by becoming a license mill. What are the main subjects that are covered in the program? Flight Dispatchers used by airlines for briefing of pilots and flight planning. Other duties enlisted in the Company’s Operation Manual. Friday of the first week is a test on Weather Theory. Airline Career & Aircraft Dispatcher Certification. You were seriously the best instructor I’ve probably ever had anywhere, and I’m not kidding! In this post you will Read more…, The very important module, Module 13 of Part 66 – Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems required to pass your B2 AME license. Coming from Sheffield I feel as though I had a thorough preparation to become a professional airline dispatcher. Many of our graduates have been involved in amendments to Company Dispatch manuals. The average is probably 18. All upcoming courses are shown below. Locate an FAA-approved flight dispatcher training school. Additional tutoring upon request, usually between 5-6 pm on weekdays, and access to our flight planning software, weather briefing, and Aircraft Situation Display (ASD). Airlines/Operators engage Flight Dispatchers for obtaining ATC and MET briefings and to brief the pilots accordingly and also for preparing flight plans. © 2020 Sheffield School of Aeronautics All Rights Reserved. Do not purchase regulations books and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) to read through and study (as I’ve seen recommended on the internet). I am happy to say that I accepted a position with a Part 135 company …. Appropriate portion of the airline/operator Manual. Looking for a good flying club in India to earn your pilot’s license ? Since I graduated in April I have had 12 interviews and 7 job offers and decided that Comair would be the best place to begin my career. [in past years one new startup school in our area claims “once you pass the course you get a license.” Aside from being misleading and inaccurate, it is illegal. These professionals in the industries often refer students to our school of aeronautics in Fort Lauderdale. International Students – ID & Additional Information: No. Website Design and Search Engine Optimization by Radical Webs Inc. Why should others be handed the same honor?! Classes will normally be held from 8:00am until 5:00pm, weekdays. Dispatcher International Students Are Welcome! Overall, I was very happy that I chose Sheffield and have enjoyed my time here. All FAR Part 65 schools must adhere to their basic curriculum guidelines; however, Sheffield decided long ago to provide extra airline-related material to ease our graduates transition into airline initial training.

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