Olive oil will help your food form a crust and will help prevent your food from absorbing too much oil. Light olive oil, by comparison, has a high smoking point, meaning you can make it pretty hot. Olive Oil Retains Health Benefits During Cooking, Vegetables Cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Retain More Nutrients. Is It Safe to Cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Posted in: All rights reserved. In a study featuring 20 participants, eating a breakfast fried with extra virgin olive oil led to lower levels of postprandial oxidative stress compared to either canola or sunflower oil ( 25 ). Randhawa says their California Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing oil for both dipping and cooking. The object of these cook­ing meth­ods is to cook the out­side of the food quickly, cre­at­ing a crispy exte­rior, while allow­ing the heat from the oil to pen­e­trate all the way through. The flavor can vary based on the altitude of the olive trees, the growing region, the time of the harvest and the extraction process itself. The below chart shows the smoke points of olive oils and for reference, the smoke points of other oils commonly used for frying. All olive oils were fried during more time than the commercial vegetable oil blend taken for comparison (from 24 to 27 h, against 15 h). Otherwise, the food will indeed soak up the oil, pro­duc­ing a soggy, flac­cid prod­uct. Olive oil is not one of them. The smok­ing point of olive oil … Even though we strongly recommend the inclusion of extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) in most meal plans—and average 2 tablespoons per day in our 7-Day Menu—we do not cook with this plant oil and we do not believe that cooking with EVOO is the best way for you to incorporate it into your healthiest way of eating. Here a few things everyone should know about this important staple. Extra olive virgin oil is touted for its health benefits. While in Mediterranean countries extra virgin olive oil is regularly used as a final seasoning, it is also used for roasting, sautéing, stir-frying and deep-frying. All Rights Reserved. Olive oil was found to be the most stable, had the greatest resistance to oxidative deterioration, and its trans. Some cook­ing oils and fats will reach what is referred to as the smok­ing point before reach­ing tem­per­a­tures required for a good fry. Extra virgin olive oil’s smoke point is somewhere around 374–405°F (190–207°C). How does this relate to cooking? This makes it a safe choice for most cooking methods, including most pan frying. Contrary to popular belief, olive oil is one of the best oils for frying. Frying is one of the most common and most delicious ways to prepare food. Furthermore, olive oil contains oleic acid and minor compounds that protect the oil from breaking down, even after reuse. Summary . The smoke points are listed as ranges. Most people still know very little about Liquid Gold. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. Nutrition Australia 1,839 views. Throughout the Mediterranean, traditional foods like pescadillo, calamari, keftedes, patatas a la pobre, carciofi alla giudea, and falafel are all fried in olive oil. Summary . The North American Olive Oil Association is committed to supplying North American consumers with quality products in a fair and competitive environment; to fostering a clear understanding of the different grades of olive oil; and to expounding the benefits of olive oil in nutrition, health, and the culinary arts. Furthermore, the smoke point of olive oil is comparable, and in some cases higher than, common cooking oils such as soybean, sunflower, peanut, canola and corn oils. The best quality oils, including Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oils, come in at the higher end of the range. Often, the smoke point of olive oil is cited as the reason why olive oil should not be heated or used for cooking. As the name suggests, it's the liquid fat that's derived when whole olives are pressed. Olive oil is not one of them. In order to accom­plish this, the oil must reach a tem­per­a­ture of 350°F (177°C) to 370°F (188°C) before intro­duc­ing the food. The medium-high smoke point of olive oil exceeds the temperatures needed for frying. Does olive oil lose its health benefits when heated? Olive oil outperformed vegetable, peanut, corn, soybean, sunflower and canola oils. Frying with EVOO not only sat­is­fies our desire for Southern-fried com­fort foods, Asian stir fry, Mexican faji­tas and Italian veal pic­cata, but it does all of that in addi­tion to ful­fill­ing our nutri­tional require­ments for a healthy dietary fat. At a time when consumers are reconsidering options and choosing healthier foods, the Greek salad is enjoying a moment as an accessible and delicious dish high in nutritional value. The first two are bad, but the third, unsat­u­rated fat, includes olive oil, a healthy plant-derived dietary fat. If cost is not a factor, consider using extra virgin olive oil. Myth #3: Fried foods absorb cook­ing oil, mak­ing you fat. A recent study revealed that fry­ing veg­eta­bles in extra vir­gin olive oil was actu­ally health­ier than boil­ing them. Omega-9), a monounsaturated fatty acid that is naturally resistant to oxidation. Substituting butter and other fats for extra virgin olive oil is a great way to lighten your holiday menu while adding fresh flavors to the classics. Frying with Extra Virgin Oil . However, a recent study found that smoke point is not a reliable indicator of a, High water content: vegetables, potatoes, fruit, Coated in batter, flour or breadcrumbs, forming a crust, Small, quickly fried: small fish, croquettes, Read more on the topic of measuring smoke points.

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