There is an easy formula can help you get the absolute value of the numbers with leading minus. Click here to know more. Select the numbers and then right click to shown the context menu, and select Format Cells. However, when I collect the x-values they always appear as numbers (1,2,3). I have been asked to label that axis in some way as period (=1/frequency) without changing the scaling for the data plot. What is the best way to have both horizontal and vertical axis as value axis? In the Format Cells dialog, under Number tab, select Number from the Category list, and the go to the right section and type 0 into the Decimal place textbox, and select one type of Negative numbers as you need. With Change Sign of Values, you can convert all positive values to negatives, fix the trailing negative signs, and change all negatives to zero or reverse the sign of values. Stepping through the code, when I .SetElement for the category axis title, it appears horizontal as planned. Row 2 has the event numbers titles 1 to 18 (18 events in a year). Launch Excel and open the file that contains the cells that you want to change. The secondary axis remains black. See screenshot: 2. (See attached). Select the cells that contain the percentage signs that you ... Video of the Day. I am trying to create a bar chart that changes color based on a percentage range. I have a set of data for hours of work. How to Remove Percentage Signs From Excel. Open the Go To Special Menu (Home tab > Find & Select > Go To Special…) Click the Constants radio button to select cells that contain values (non-blank). After free installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below: 1. In Excel 2010 I need to place a text box between the X axis and the bottom border of a chart.How can increase the white space between the X axis and the bottom border to allow me to do this? Why the recorded code doesn't work? I would like this to appear on the top or bottom of the bar graphs.2. See screenshot: 2. These steps are very similar for other versions of Excel, but may vary slightly. Excel 2010 :: Y Axis Stuck In Middle Of Chart? The data source is external to my spreadsheet, so I cannot add the values before creating the pivot table/chart. Is there a suitable way to do this? The values in Column A are all dates in this format: mm.dd.yyyy. I have a simple piece of code that creates a chart using the the values in column A as the x-axis and the values in column E as the y-axis. Code: Sub Macro2() ActiveSheet.Shapes.addChart.Select ActiveChart.ChartType = xlXYScatter ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Name = "=""Rate of Productivity""" ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "='Sheet1'!$A$2:$A$4" ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = "='Sheet1'!$E$2:$E$4"End Sub, i want 0 values to start at x and y axis.basically i want time in secs on x axis starting a 0 upto 4.4 secs, X Axis In Pivot Chart Shows Decimal Than Percentage. I set up the chart and it looks fine but it has only one axis so in order to create a second axis i right click on the blue series (no of Stocks) and go through the motions of setting up a secondary axis. Is there any way I could get rid of the sign? I have arranged the rank column in cells B38:L38 as they would appear. Step 1. The bar chart would be a single bar that represents the percentage complete (33%) with the chart maximum range being 100% which would represent the number 38.Ive included a mock up example of what the data and chart would look like. I had created a pivot table and pivot chart for the data, the pivot table shows the row label's as percentages which is correct, but it when comes to the pivot chart it shows it as decimal, for example a 10% shows 0.1, I tried of formatting the x axis and choose percentages but it doesn't want to change.

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