Today let us learn how to make Brinjal Curry/Poriyal)-Kathirikai Curry following our easy recipe. It is nothing but stuffed brinjals in tamarind sauce or can be called stuffed brinjal kulambu. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. window._mNHandle.queue = window._mNHandle.queue || []; They say for every man's success there is a women behind. \r\n\r\nc. It will not as thick as in the photo. I tried this recipe a couple of weeks ago and must say it was a blockbuster hit amongst my wife and her colleagues. kathirikkai kara kulambu, kari curry Kurma, chettinad ennai kathirikai karamani kuzhambu, Kara fry vatha kulambu, kathirikai poriyal poricha kulambu and kathirikai sambar recipes in hotel style. Really padhu your blog is very helpful for people like me. var cx = '016355302245575321728:15cn08ebp2g'; Fill water in bowl, Add Turmeric power (pinch) and salf if you really need it. Tried it and turned out so good.. yummy dish:) thanks for sharing. Try Brinjal stuffed curry and i hope every one started loving brinjal (Kathirikkai) there after. The only reason for this is you only. Cut brinjals lengthwise and keep it immersed in water until use. Heat oil in a kadai/pan, add mustard seeds, when they splutter, add fenugreek seeds, hing and curry leaves. You are like guru for meThanks. After I lost my wife recently,your recipes are very useful to me, I blindly follow your recipes and make food for my children. Looks very tempting… perfect kulambu with hot rice. 29. Wash brinjals, discard the stem and make a + cut leaving the bottom intact (picture 1). Tastes even better the next day…. Your email address will not be published. we need to add water to boil the brinjals? Ennai kathirikkai kuzhambu Iyengar is one of the favourite side dishes in the southern part of India. Brinjal Fry / Ennai Kathirikkai is a common recipe in almost all tambrahm house. Please keep writing… today I tried this dish. ur recipes r simple to cook and with good taste. Cut only 3/4th of the brinjal in a cross so the brinjal still holds its shape. \r\nd. i m going to bookmark this page..very inviting dish…i l try this soooon.. wow these look really tasty.I make stuffed egg plant but gujarati style.I am going to try this version. gcse.async = true; Brinjal Chops is just another fancy name for " Stuffed Brinjal curry /Ennai kathrikkai", this recipe has been already shared by me but this version is slightly different and its close to the one served with biryani by catering agencies. Glad to know that you found Padhuskitchen useful. {"@context":"http:\/\/\/","@type":"Recipe","name":"Brinjal Fry - Ennai Kathrikkai","author":{"@type":"Person","name":"Sriram J. Iyer"},"datePublished":"2014-04-29 22:12:20","image":"","description":"","recipeYield":"5 people","prepTime":"PT15M","cookTime":"PT20M","recipeIngredient":["1\/2 KG Brinjal","3 tbsp Oil","1 tsp Mustard","2 tsp Chilli Powder","1 tsp Turmeric Powder","salt (As Needed)","1 tbsp Coriander Powder","4 Pieces Red Chilli","2 tsp Bengal Gram","Curry Leaves (As needed)","Coriander Leaves (As needed)"],"recipeInstructions":["Step 0 : Fine Grind, Coriander powder, Red chilli and bengal gram after roasting it for a minute in high flame - MIX \r\n\r\na. Thank you! After few minutes, Turn the brinjals position so that its fried evenly.\r\ne. Hello padhu I tried this and the gravy was not so thick like you have shown in the picture. Mix everything","a. Now stuff the brinjals with the spice powder we prepared. Brahmins Kitchen 2016 © by Sriram J. Iyer, Step 0 : Fine Grind, Coriander powder, Red chilli and bengal gram after roasting it for a minute in high flame - MIX. I became a cooking expert loved at home and my office colleagues love my cooking, because of Padhuskitchen. You mentioned in Roast and Grind to add Grated Coconut – 2 tbsp so again we need to add some more Grated Coconut after the Dal turns golden? (Make sure that the brinjals neither too big nor small)","a. Wash clean the brinjals and remove the stems from it. Brinjal is one of my favorite vegetable. Stuff the brinjal on the inside with the ground paste. We will anyways add salt in the stuff, a. The rest of the steps is just the same as my mom’s. Here's how to make Ennai Kathirikkai Kuzhambu Tamilnadu style. Picture 2. Stuff the Mix in the brinjal(Making sure its not broken into pieces). Brinjal Fry – Ennai Kathrikkai. Extract tamarind juice and discard its pulp. Try Brinjal stuffed curry and i hope every one started loving brinjal (Kathirikkai) there after. This Brinjal curry is a very simple curry which goes well with both rice and chapati. I tried it tonight…I made a few changes to it :1. yuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm! Thanks for letting me know. gcse.src = '' + cx; s.parentNode.insertBefore(gcse, s); This kuzhambu requires little patience as it requires the preparation of ground spice powder, frying and finally to make the gravy. For the Ennai Kathirikkai – Stuffed Brinjals. spicy and favolous recipe looking mouthwatering and tasty1st time here. "]}, You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. Padhu nowadays ur like god for me… having some delicious food only because of you. 29. Hey …real nice recipe and i love that cute brinjal doll.Biny. Boil the brinjal for 12 minutes time. Awesome dish… Tried today came out so well… Thank you so much! Heat a tsp of oil in a kadai and fry the ingredients mentioned under ‘roast and grind’ (except coconut) until dal turns golden brown. This recipe is so simple and taste just wonderful, goes perfect with steamed rice, chapati, roti and almost all rice varieties. I love your recipes… & of course the photos too…, I love your recipes …and of course your photos too …. Soak tamarind in about 3-3 1/2 cups of hot water for 15-20 minutes. Padhu ji,your recipes are very delicious,but sometimes i am unable to understand the tamil terms.. Dear Kanthi , What Tamil term you cannot understand .I will clear it for you, I am only a comment away .As far as possible I use only English words.

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