We asked a cross-section of students and grads from across the country to give us their views on your course. The econ major pretends to not have noticed you. Economist e1b8. You’ll graduate only slightly better off than if you’d done that Fine Art degree, and you’ll slightly resent your mother forever.” –, “Is this the shit version of Computer Science?” –, “You thought it’d be more interesting than Politics but six lectures on the Asian Tigers later you’re desperately trying to switch to anything. Probably a bit of both. Just stand within 50 yards of any Medic at any uni in the country and they’ll make sure you know all about it.” –, “Tell us again how you’re the backbone of the NHS. So you spend your time searching for hidden meanings in pictures that were probably just painted for fun and insist that no one understands Jan Steen’s sense of humour like you do. Simon Clark 53,101 views. I'm interested in what the most annoying stereotypes people say about your major are. Economics Major - My Pathway for the Future - Duration: 3:51. MAJOR STEREOTYPES: Economics. Two years later, the political dream is over and you’ve found yourself applying to every investment banking grad scheme there is. So where does your course fit into this? People on TikTok are sneaking up to the I’m A Celebrity castle to watch the celebs. Health Sciences . When it comes to discussing your actual degree, no-one gets it. How to Know if This Major Is the Right Fit for You. Scott Gosnell and Eli Delavar-Mueller are both correct: business is the poorest choice among these. too. United States. A degree in economics can help you get started in many areas, including public policy and finance. You look back towards the econ major. Now you probably work in advertising like everybody else.” – Bobby, English Language & Literature, Leeds, “You applied to do English at uni, but got a C and in clearing only Polys would accept you. Oh, and your employment opportunities are more bleak than a Joseph Conrad novel.” – Callum, English Literature, York, “You wanted to save the world by studying Environmental Science, but you just ended up getting depressed because you realised how horrible the human race really is.” – Diyora, History of Art, Warwick, “It’s quite enigmatic to study Fashion. Economics (henceforth "econ") looks like money... it smells like money... maybe choosing it will... get me a lot of money?! Wait, what do you mean I have to read novels? Obviously the term brings to mind a Starbucks-frequenting stick in a fur coat, their iPhone 7 Plus Plus background a screenshot of their ASOS VIP confirmation. 156 replies. The first major decision you'll make as an adult. Quoting the Austrian School to an econ major is like quoting Freud to a psychology major. Majoring in econ is kind of like drinking Diet Coke for nutritional value. All the evidence we missed that Maura and Chris were together before they announced it, Quiz: If you can name these posh foods you should go on MasterChef: The Professionals, This is how much the 2020 I’m A Celebrity contestants are getting paid, TikTok has just discovered where vanilla flavouring comes from and it is gross, This is how to play the True American drinking game from New Girl. Maybe if I’d ever met a Fashion student I could explain how they differ from this stereotyped mess, but I haven’t, so I can’t.” –, “You wanted to go to uni, but you didn’t actually want to do any work. What the fuck is the subjunctive?”- Ed, Politics with Quantitative Methods, Edinburgh, “Your teacher said something about speaking another language making you more employable. You know all about the Earth, but everyone knows it’s actually just getting super obsessive over rocks.”-  Annabel, English Literature, Manchester, “You were alright at History at A-Level, so here you are: not going to any lectures because ‘The Vikings are so not relevant’ and your ‘Nazi Germany lecturer is crap.’ You don’t want to be a teacher, but you have accepted that you probably will.” – Ciaran, Modern History & Politics, Liverpool, “You wanted to do a Fine Art degree, but mummy said that would be a waste of time. They thought you wanted to become a priest.” –, “I bet you just watch Planet Earth reruns.” –, Named and shamed: Eleven unis didn’t appoint any new mental health staff this year. Even the Geography crew have better prospects.”, “You’re really dedicated and love to bitch about engineers. Two years later, the political dream is over and you’ve found yourself applying to every investment banking grad scheme there is. You will probably end up as a legal assistant photocopying and making tea on a daily basis before you inevitably give up on your big dream.” – Max, American Studies, Leicester, “It just kind of happened didn’t it? J-LIS BABY! Don’t worry though, you still have banking as a backup option.” – Diyora, History of Art, Warwick, “You don’t need me to tell you about Medicine. You’re probably a massive nerd but definitely let your hair down at the pub every fortnight. As a result, they have trouble getting jobs. Probably a bit of both. Worcester, MA. Econ majors tend to feel very uncomfortable around individuals, and instead prefer to think of people as functions. Pathologists don’t solve crimes.” – Lucy, History, Liverpool, “To be honest you’ve nailed it, haven’t you? Quiz: Can you guess the I’m A Celebrity contestant from their baby pictures? In final year you have a careers appointment. As a result of this newfound knowledge, I often find myself hesitating to tell others that I, indeed, started out as a communications major. Geography? Get paid in crypto for your contributions to the community. You’ve accepted the fact that you will end up becoming a slave to the system.” –, “You thought you would make some groundbreaking discoveries as a Psychology undergrad and read people’s minds, but instead you ended up having to convince your mates to do hundreds of pointless questionnaires.”, “The uni equivalent of the jocks in American high schools. So here you are.” –, “You’re bad at maths, but desperately want to be a banker like your Daddy.” –, “You loved it when Dad made you learn all the capitals of Europe in the car on the way to the Alps and you’ve never stopped being obsessed with colouring things in.” –, “Very different to Geography. The reality is, you’ll be auditing businesses that build components of printing cartridges, stuffed into a windowless box room and flicking through dusty files.” –, Bobby, English Language & Literature, Leeds, “All you’ve really learned from your degree is that doing English means you can still maintain your ‘going out three times a week and still get a 2:1’ lifestyle.”-, “Every book you’ve ever enjoyed is now irrevocably ruined and all you have to show for it is knowing the difference between post-colonialism and postcolonialism. haksayng Oct 15, 2018, 7:33:30 PM. I only read non-fiction. Stop telling me that neoliberal-capitalism is poisoning my cornflakes. The econ major looks towards you. Is Netflix animation If Anything Happens I Love You based on a true story? This is what the I’m A Celeb campmates looked like when they were younger, How well do you really remember the late 00s? If they are quantitatively inclined, they learn about how you make decisions using computer models. Economist f110. While university students of other majors may dance around this topic, asserting they are primarily concerned with abstract, difficult to get a handle on things like "the common good" or even "the environment" [2], econ majors are near invariably straight up about their like for the $$$s. You can use an economics degree to study industry trends, labor markets, the prospects for individual companies, and the forces that drive the economy. Or cares.” – Annabel, English Literature, Manchester, “We get it: you idolise Lenin or Margaret Thatcher. Oh, and your employment opportunities are more bleak than a Joseph Conrad novel.” –, “You wanted to save the world by studying Environmental Science, but you just ended up getting depressed because you realised how horrible the human race really is.” –, “It’s quite enigmatic to study Fashion.

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