Between general education classes and your major requirements, a minor can be a difficult thing to fit in for some students. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a7283f6a446a2fe78a02fd9284201138" );document.getElementById("i4fdee4c22").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Apply today for the $2,500 College Raptor Scholarship. Some might attend a college where the minor they’re interested in isn’t offered. Minors and double majors are worth a lot less than people think they are. Use College Raptor to discover personalized college matches, cost estimates, acceptance odds, and potential financial aid for schools around the US—for FREE! Required fields are marked *. Share #2. molliebatmit 12245 replies 129 threads Senior Member. If you’re going to school for business, you may want to consider a minor in finance, accounting, or economics. I had a double major … for example, i don't have a minor in math, but accumulated liek 24 units of math via math and econ (stats and enometrics cross linked to math classes) in college (almost 20 years ago, so don't ask me any tough quesitons!!) Simply put, a minor is a secondary academic discipline—another subject to focus on in addition to the major. While college minors definitely have benefits, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Minors show employers or schools that the student is hardworking and can handle an additional workload. Perhaps they major in a general field and use their minor to focus or specialize in a certain area. Everyone knows this. Some majors have a strict and demanding workload. You probably took 1-2 more classes to get your minor, so for that reason, employers and hiring managers don't really give it … Also, you’re only allowed to count one class toward both your major and minor — and if you have more than one minor, there’s no overlap of credit allowed between your minors. Will having D's in my junior year kill my chances of getting into colleges? Your minor can show that you have additional skills and interests (such as having a Spanish minor and applying to law school) while also showing a bit about who you are as a person. Students should talk to someone in their intended minor department for additional information. More classes means more studying and more homework. Ends soon! But it does to those who are fluent in emoji, the secret language of emoji," said Mike Harris, who tracks down child predators for a living. Students in this field learn the fundamentals of how humans behave, think and react, which are key skills in a number of professions, especially those that work directly with clients. I’ll go there: will BS have an in-person winter 2021 semester? Choosing a college minor depends on your own personal wants and desires! What You Can Do This Summer To Explore Careers. If a student has multiple interests—even interests that don’t directly connect to each other–they can minor in another field. Prepare for the ACT and SAT with Method Test Prep. teaching. On top of that, a specific minor is a bonus form of experience when looking into certain job markets. Sometimes minors don’t even have associated majors, and just stand on their own. Minors require some dedication but can be very beneficial in the long run. Former Stanford Admissions Officer Answers Your Hardest Questions - ASK ME ANYTHING! Overwhelmed students in those majors may not want to minor. Passports for children under age 16 are only valid for 5 years. Many people minor in subjects that support their major. What Exactly is a Full-Ride College Scholarship? I'm wondering, does a minor in film mean anything in the entertainment world?

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