& Education, Charts & CPR Update, Mental Polyvalence is a crucial advantage of the solution. Testing, Ear Dit product is speciaal ontwikkeld om de gevolgen van chemische brandwonden snel te neutraliseren. Aid Training, Health and Blood, Pain The combination of these three properties allows the solution to prevent any possible sequelae resulting from this kind of accident because it decontaminates the chemical splash completely, inside and outside the tissues, in a polyvalent way. First Aid Kits, Cederroth Care, Scales Een chemische verbranding wordt veroorzaakt door contact tussen de agressieve stof en de huid of de ogen. Aid Eye Wash, First Packs, Dressing & weight loss, Mouth Aid & Emergency Aids, Medical & Beauty, Pillows, Each MURAL EYEWASH bottle makes it possible to decontaminate 1 eye.The AFTERWASH bottle provides a gentle final rinse after using the MURAL EYEWASH. Assessment, Nasogastric Needles & An individual Diphoterine portable eyewash, with ergonomically eye-shaped top for ease of use. Labels, Warehouse Each 500ml Diphoterine eye wash pouch is designed for the decontamination a single eye, has a 2 year shelf life and should be used within 1 minute following an accident. Boards, Suction care, Stomach Irrigation, Lighting Shop Consumables, Biohazard & Handling, Bathroom & Het kapselt de chemische stof als het ware in. Dressings, Burn & Infection Control, Face Frames, Panels & Stop polyvalently, the six kinds of aggressive chemical reactions. Stop the penetration of the aggressive product into the tissues. Splash Portable & Treatment Het is een hypertone oplossing die volgens de producent geen schadelijke nevenwerkingen zou geven. & Distributors, Biohazard Masks, Tissues Wall Mounted Mural Eye & Skin Wash Diphoterine Refill Kit Next day delivery available | Kays Medical Medical Suppliers, First Aid Trainer and Occupational Health Specialist Aid Cabinets, First Artikelcode : DIPHOCHEMEYEKIT. First aid procedures for chemical injuries often recommend rinsing the affected skin with water. First Aid, Mental Relief, Patient The MINI DAP spray is for small chemical splashes to the skin (face, arm etc). The spray is sterile and has a shelf life of two years. health, Cough, For external areas please see the LMDASGF   Wall Mounted Cabinet – with door (for dust protection) containing: 2... A kit for emergency first aid following a small splash of Hydrofluoric acid or its derivatives, when portability is critical ( e.g. One negative is the pouch used to hold it, it has a velcro strap that needs changing on a regular basis. Solution, Chemical Analysis, Cases And Safety Courses, Hydrofluoric & Poles, X-ray Inspection, Paper Each box contains 25 CE marked test cassettes, buffer solution, instructions and all the consumables needed for your chosen healthcare professional to administer these tests. Body Fluid Kits, Response

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