Barry Harris's Sixth Diminished Scale Here's a great excerpt from a Barry Harris workshop where he introduces an interesting diminished concept, which he (jokingly) calls his "personal scale". It can also be used for fusion and heavy metal. Because of their symmetry, there are only 3 diminished scales and only 2 whole tone scales! This means that (for example) an A diminished scale contains the same notes as a C diminished scale, an E flat diminished scale, and a G flat diminished scale. You can also apply this dominant diminished scale pattern when soloing over a jazz blues chord progression. If your into jazz this is one you need to learn. The Guitar Major Pentatonic Scale. It would seem to follow there are 12 of any other type of scale, one for each chromatic note. First off, let me start by saying that the Whole-Half and Half-Whole are not different entities, they only reflect the way you choose to see it, in theory.. Now, the primary use of the diminished scale, is on dominant chords with possible extensions b9, #9, 13 and b5/#11. guitar scale: E Diminished scale Forget the guess work and use our helpful scale & mode recommendations for each Guitar Backing Track. In […] Here is a sample lick that you can learn to help get you started. Diminished Scale Give away - The Guitar Music ? Since there is a VI7b9 chord in bar 8 of a jazz blues (D7b9 in the key of F), you can use the D7b9 dominant diminished scale to outline this chord in your jazz guitar solos. The Diminished Scale for Guitar. Scale 9. Its one of these scales that just sound like jazz. However, this is not the case. ?Please subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking the subscribe button. In these diminished scale diagrams, any of the white circles can be considered to be the root / tonic note of the scale. Link to page dedicated to The Guitar Diminished Scale. Title: Diminished Scale Give away Author: Ged Created Date: Drop2 Voicing Diminished - ... jazz guitar style master 30 Drop2 Voicing Diminished Sort by Strings and Top note 3-6 Strings 2-5 Strings 1-4 Strings Of course, there is only one chromatic scale. It produces a very cool jazz sound by a quite unexpected means. The Diminished scale is an important scale used in Jazz but can also be used in blues. There are 12 major scales. Link to Guitar Pro file of tab for The Guitar Diminished Scale. Hello Steve, That's a question that I unfortunately never got the chance to cover here, on the website... Now's the time! Link to free printable guitar scales PDF file with all 5 positions of The Guitar Diminished Scale. Diminished Scale Guitar Diagram 2.

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