There are even motion-activated lights available, to catch unwanted visitors by surprise. Greet every person entering your business. Lock the burglar out. “A business located in a high-crime area, in a remote area, or in a poorly lit area, is at greater risk of burglary—the local police can provide statistics on burglary for the area,” the property and casualty insurance company continues. 1. However, there’s another angle to preventing crime. How to Burglar-Proof Your Business. General Security. Even if someone leaves on good terms, you’re better off taking a moment to do this. State Police Provide Commercial Burglary Prevention Tips . Commercial Burglary - Prevention Tips Lock it up! For example, retail premises are prone to ram raiding burglaries. They want to get in and out as soon as possible and a safe will put them off. Whether your company deals with the public online or in person, there are several products you can add to secure your premises. 24 High Street London Many roller shutter systems are remote controlled, which saves you from trying to remember the keys. Commercial Burglary Prevention Tips - Eurotech Security Systems Burglary Prevention Is your business safe from burglary? Planning permission may be required, especially if your shop is on a main road or in a local conservation area. SG12 8AE, Regional Sales: 01923 369 125 It specifically looks at the strategies of 422 male and female burglars incarcerated at state prisons in North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio. Here are some crime prevention tips to help keep your business secured. If you’re part of a building in multiple occupation, does the landlord have access to the security alarms, door codes and keys? Supposing you have a shop unit on a busy road, this could stop boy racers from driving into your store. Formed in 2009, they offer a 24-hour service throughout County Dublin, central Dublin, and surrounding area. When employing the services of a security contractor, always do your homework. Establish security policies & procedures, and then abide by them. If you are starting up a new business, you need to factor in the risks described here. No business is immune to burglary. It also enables you to connect your smartphone with the system, so you can control it from anywhere—even when you’re not physically in the building. Many small business owners keep the inside of their stores well lit to prevent burglaries at night. Location If you own a small business, it’s best to change the combination to the entrance of the building and/or safe if ever an employee decides to seek employment elsewhere. It is essential that if you have had a theft in the past, you need to assess the situation and update your security measures to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Connecting Thermostat to Your Security System. Security Measures Not only car insurance but also Public Liability Insurance and Commercial Property Insurance. It's a production that's mounted every 10 seconds, done with a cast of one or two, no script, no lights, and no audience - yet it brings the producers some $1.4 billion in annual profits, or almost $4 million per day. Establish security policies & procedures, and then abide by them. Burglary prevention can be difficult. Hertfordshire Office Here are some burglary prevention tips to help deter criminals and… Greet every person entering your business. Choosing the right security company is paramount to keeping your business premises and staff safe from crime. Exter For industrial and retail premises, roller shutters are a popular option. “By keeping the parking lot and exterior well lit, your cameras will be able to capture the thieves and their license plate numbers,” Nolan says. Eurotech works to the highest industry standards demanded by the Police, Fire and the insurance industry. Burglary prevention can be difficult. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous individuals who will take We under go high quality audits of our home and business security installations to maintain our status of an NSI approved company. You need to have a full print of a floor plan for each room in your commercial premises. Take time to check the company has the correct accreditations and that they’re members of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and British Security Industry Association (BISA). Another practical idea is a door entry system. Not all these hints will apply to each business, but it gives a good starting point. News site Science Daily shares a 2013 study conducted by Joseph Kuhns of the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, which focuses on the perspective of the burglar. Then create a contingency plan to prevent any future burglaries. It can be as simple as checking the status of your doors or as time-consuming as performing a risk and safety assessment at your residential apartment, retail center, industrial hub, office space, or other type of commercial property. To avoid being a victim of burglary, you should consider reviewing your security procedures. Plan Ahead Location has a number of different aspects. Unless you are one of several occupants within the same office block or industrial unit, make sure you have a good burglar alarm system. The Delaware State Police would like to remind business owners that there are steps they can take which will decrease their likelihood of becoming a burglary victim. Burglary and theft make up 20% of all small business claims, according to The Hartford, with each incident costing a company $8,000 on average. Other features, such as digital zoom and smart mode, are also helpful, and keep you even more informed about what’s happening at your place of business at all times. This should be one of your first priorities as these are the items the burglars will target.

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