Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) is the main sources of sugar in India and holds a prominent position as a cash crop. MAHADHAN KRANTI supplies micronutrients in balanced proportion to different crops. 28 • MAHADHAN KRANTI - For Sugarcane In Maharashtra, sugarcane is largely grown on calcareous soil where lime induced Fe and Zn deficiency is a recurring problem. Also log on : With strong presence across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and many more states, Mahadhan is one of the most trusted and renowned fertiliser brands in India . Best quality MAP-12:61:00, Buy from MAP-12:61:00 Manufacturer, Supplier in Pune, India. Soil. 0.8%) of MCFL and made an Open Offer for acquiring 3,08,13,939 Equity Shares (i.e. Further on 23 April 2014 SSL, acquired 10,01,309 Equity Shares (i.e. It doesn't contain potash nutrient. Offering a wide range of products like Speciality NPK Follar Fertilizers, NPK Fertilizers, 100 % Water Soluble Foliar Spray Fertilizer, NPK 19-19-19 , MKP 00-52-34 , NOP 13-00-45, SOP 00-00-50+17. Mahadhan Tez Combi (Maharasthra) Grade 2; Mahadhan Tez Combi (Gujrat) Grade 4; Mahadhan Tez Boron (DOT – 20%) Mahadhan Shakti (Secondary Nutrient & Soil Conditioner) Mahadhan Kranti for Sugarcane Crops (Maharashtra) Mahadhan Kranti Zinksulf (ZnSo4 Hepta-hydrate 21% and ZnSo4 Mono-hydrate 33%) Mahadhan Tez Chelated Micronutrient Fertiliser . To advertise here, Call on # +91-98250-69924. It doesn't contain potash nutrient. It can be used for basal application since it can supply nitrogen a can also be used at flower stage to … Currently Mahadhan Smartek is available in 10:26:26 grade and will the focus on the crops like sugarcane, onion, tomatoes etc The Company is gearing up its operations and will soon launch Mahadhan Smartek in other grades, which include 12:32:16 and 20:20:0:13. Mahadhan Mahapower (24:24:0) is a Nitro Phosphate Fertiliser containing 24 % of Nitrogen and 24% of P2o5 nutrients. Sugarcane requires Fe, Zn and Mn on large quantity for the healthy growth and higher yield. Mahadhan Mahapower (24:24:0) is a Nitro Phosphate Fertiliser containing 24 % of Nitrogen and 24% of P2o5 nutrients.It doesn't contain potash nutrient.

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