So here is a recipe of chocolate mochi ice cream. So good for people who love chocolate. ; Get this cookie scoop (portioning scoop) for creating the same portions and nice half-round shaped ice cream for mochi filling. 12 scoops As I’ve said, mochi dough is very sticky, so don’t be shy about using your cornstarch! Steam mochi mixture in a steamer for about 15 minutes. cornstarch Cut off any excess dough. Because I’m in love with chocolate flavor, I do both. Repeat with the remaining chocoalte ice cream and mochi dough squares. Scoop the chocolate ice cream using ice cream scoop about 1/3 cup, then place it into a paper cup. DIRECTIONS. Repeat for remaining 5 paper cups. Cut out 12 rounds from dough, using a 3-in. Remove the chocolate ice cream from a paper cup. Remove 3 ice cream scoops in liners from freezer and place on counter. Using a pizza cutter, cut mochi into 6 15cmx15cm square. What are the measurements for the dry ingredients? strawberry ice cream I make chocolate ice cream and chocolate mochi shell. Or for common people, really. Roll mochi to a thickness of about 2-4 mm with a rolling pin. (Dough will be elastic and sticky.). Return to cupcake liner, pinched-side down, then return to mu n pan in freezer. Filed Under: Dessert Tagged With: chocolate, ice cream, mochi. Stir in 150 mL sweetened condensed milk. granulated sugar, 2 tsp Place ice cream in the center of a mochi dough square. Repeat with remaining ice cream and dough rounds. Keep your kitchen cool when you are working with ice cream. , (using 1 1/2-in. Freeze to firm the chocolate mochi ice cream. Boba Pearl Coffee Milk with Palm Sugar Syrup. We never use it though, so we don’t know how much the power and the time using a microwave. The plastic wrap will keep the ice … Reduce speed to low and beat in strawberry mixture until just combined. Repeat with the remaining chocolate ice cream and mochi dough squares. Mix glutinous rice flour with cocoa and powdered sugar in a bowl then add water. Use plastic wrap to individually line 10 cups in the cupcake tin. Line an 11 x 16-in. Stir rice flour, water, and salt together in a microwave-safe bowl; add sugar and stir until completely … Scoop the chocolate ice cream using ice cream scoop about 1/3 cup, then place it into a paper cup. © Copyright 2020 St. Joseph Communications. Microwave on high for 1 min. Boil 227 g chopped strawberries in a medium saucepan over high until mushy and all liquid has evaporated, 8 to 10 min. It will help you handle the dough, and any excess will brush off easily once you’re ready to assemble the mochi … Stack rounds on a plate and chill for 30 min. Using pizza cutter, cut mochi into 6 15cmx15cm square. rimmed baking sheet with parchment. Refrigerate at least 20 min, preferably 1 hr. 3. Chill until completely cool. Gemma’s Pro Chef Tips for Making Mochi Ice Cream. ; Use a cookie cutter (or small bowl) to cut out mochi into a round shape. Take out from the freezer to enjoy it whenever you want. Sprinkle cornstarch evenly over parchment. Roll mochi to a thickness of about 2-4 mm with a rolling pin. Let stand 1 min before serving. Wrap the steamer lid with a cloth so the water from steaming doesn't enter the mochi mixture. For the shell, we need four ingredients. Your chocolate mochi ice cream is done. Transfer the mochi into a tray and dust it with cornstarch on top of the mochi and also dust the cornstarch on a rolling pin so the mochi won’t stick to it.

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