First time ever making a Chicken Stroganoff and this recipe is a keeper. Yes it should work fine with those substitutions, but I do suggest recalculating macros to be sure. Sauté the onions until transparent. Hi can you use coconut or almond flour tk keep it keto. At that point, you finish the sauce with meat stock and acrid cream! Like a substitute!!! Mushrooms are browned well first which, combined with the crispy bits left over in the pan from searing the chicken, makes an incredible start for a seriously full-flavoured Chicken Stroganoff gravy. Seasoned chicken breasts perfectly browned in our favourite oil/butter mix creates beautiful browned bits in the pan, creating incredible flavours in our gravy. Add the chicken, flour, paprika, salt and pepper to the pan and stir together. Or keep it low carb and serve with cauliflower mash, zucchini noodles or sautéed green beans! Pour in the wine (or stock) to deglaze the pan, and let reduce for about 3 minutes while stirring occasionally to mix all of the flavours through. Remove from heat. Season chicken all over with garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. The best part is that this recipe is actually quite simple to make and the entire sauce can be made in one pan. It’s much easier than beef stroganoff: no slicing beef and batch cooking to get browned pieces. Required fields are marked *. Our daughter (8 years old), loved it as well. Thanks for a great recipe! lots of prayers and blessings your way ❤❤. The sauce was so delicious, I sopped the dregs out of the pan with a hunk of crusty French bread when I was cleaning up! She requested chicken stroganoff for one of the meals. we just loved it…thanks you for a well=written and delish recipe I just made this for dinner and everyone’s asking me for the recipe and it’s one of the best dishes I’ve ever made!!! Heat the oil and butter in a wide, non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Would subbin out the flour with say almond flour (?) By Karina 27 Comments Filed Under: Chicken. Serve immediately over hot egg noodles! You can also use tenderloins if you prefer. My hubby raved about this meal to his family and friends! My kids loved it. Set aside. Crispy Chicken Parmesan (Parmigiana) And of course, my mom loves it, although she hasn’t attempted to make it yet herself. Stroganoff sauce is essentially made of a simple spread/flour roux. If you love a traditional beef stroganoff, try our irresistible Chicken Stroganoff recipe!Golden skinless chicken breasts smothered in a full-flavoured stroganoff sauce … This recipe is delicious, will definitely make it again, I cut the chicken into strips rather than whole breasts and substituted creme fraiche as I didn’t have sour cream, this is a keeper! Absolutely delicious. Absolutely brilliant! And I did. Creamy chicken stroganoff dish with tender mushrooms in a simple, yet flavorful sauce. Just like the One-Pot Chicken Stew this chicken stroganoff is made with the simplest of ingredients and tastes even better the next day. Add the red wine, onion, garlic, cook until the onions are soft, add the chicken stockpot, and allow to melt, mix well. A little too much paprika with that teaspoon in the pan near the end, but easy enough to adjust. If you like a classic Russian Beef Stroganoff, you should try this dreamy and creamy Chicken Stroganoff recipe!The chicken version is lighter, but good and comforting as original. Balsamic Baked Chicken Breast With Mozzarella Cheese. Return chicken breasts along with juices on the plate to the pan. Your sauce is perfect–I wouldn’t change a thing. Crispy french fry croquettes: crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and sure to please everyone! Thank you! I plan to make it tonight. Serve over noodles, pasta, mashed potatoes or rice. Welcome! The one sauce that you’ll love even more is a good great Stroganoff Sauce.

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