Wheels of Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter are of 110mm and are made of 88A alloy. Apart from its high durability and low price, there are some other features that will draw your attention into. They’re made of  Urethane and are 8" in size. For any users with an age of 8 years or more, that seems to be perfect. The manufacturer calls it the Chronos deck design, and it really scraps the sky of the standard. So, with everything else checked, it must be something stunning. Also, adults are a good targeted user of Envy S2 Colt Scooter. Have a look at the features below and we're certain that you'll agree with me-. And that's what the strong zone of this fuzion z300 complete pro scooter is. And what we found is awesome! Although we’ve got a few more features broken down below-. In conclusion, we would like to recommend Envy One Scooter for anyone who's looking for a budget-friendly scooter to start tricks or stunts. We were lucky crew this time in finding one such model- Envy S2 Colt Scooter. Well, ideally any kid between an age range of 9 to 12 years can ride it. What Did We Like Most? Current standards of decks are of one-piece body and tubes. The deck size is 20.3” Length x W 4.7 inches. They can be of several size variations and materials. But there are also more to talk about. The bearings aren’t super smooth as we expected. Also, the color of the adjustable stunt scooter handlebar and the wheel inside are the same. And we hope that you like the Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter equally. Now, come to the point of wheels. And it make kickboard of Polycarbonate and Nylon plastic, which has a great tensile value. This is very important for stunt scooters. This very scooter is good, in terms of quality. The material is Urethane, that's liable for its solid wheels.The bearing of Vokul S2 vk3 is of Chrome ABEC 5 material, which leads to a smooth and simple operating system. The bar is good if it’s made of something as strong as steel. One of the very few things what a scooter owner cares about it its design. And the scooter we're talking about, wasn't in our primary list either. Have a look-. There is a weak plastic deck on the top of the frame. So, it’s hard to say that which height of the bar is the best. We will list two features in this section as the unique sides of this scooter. The bumps and bruises are way less than what we found in a general scooter. With the bearing system, the next thing comes to mind is the break. We're in a serious love with how Razor had made this attractive-looking scooter. In case you are new in the game, and buying your first stunt scooter, it's important to have a firm idea on each of its parts and their functions. If you’re interested in doing tricks with your scooter, the headset is the part that you have to focus on. The FMX Trick Scooter comes with a flat deck and a good quality grip. The assembly can be hard for non-experts. For the construction, it’s completely worn and tear proof. Although, the manufacturer didn't sell it as a stunt scooter for adults. The solid steel made handlebars, and an awesome headset- that's also strong reasons for we calling it the best stunt scooter for beginners. It makes the bar of steel and is one piece structure instead of two. The Mongoose Expo Scooter is good enough for kids and adults with no stunt intentions. First, let’s discuss the material that it makes the Maxi Micro scooter of. 360 Power Sports offers only the best brand at the Lowest Price! The deck width is 4” only, which is pretty narrow. ABEC-5 bearings are the best kind of bearing that you can see on best trick scooters in the market.This 2-wheeler is the best fit for beginners, and we've already told you that. It's the perfect pick for both intermediate and beginners. The compression system is SCS, and the fork is of forged aluminum type. It’s a foldable one made of aircraft grade aluminum. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates. The bearings are of ABEC 9. The handlebar is wide to provide enough grip and room to the rider.Moving forward to its design, we found the black grips a good fit for regular and long-hours stunt work. Also Read : Best Electric Unicycles Review. Yes, we are talking about a larger wheel here, which is of 12 inches and the Mongoose Expo Scooter nails it with a combination of tough built with it. Which takes us to where, none of the deck and tube will break in a few years. Our most popular products based on sales. Because of the three piece-handle bar, it may take an expert’s assembly. The wider and tougher 6061 T6 aluminum deck is a centrally reinforced surface with a flat bottom. The best part of this expensive scooter is the quality of its parts, and the way it's built for high stunts and actions. As mentioned earlier, there is a feature of getting it to fold when you're not riding on it. This varies from users to users. We at landroverbar.com, had a bunch of experts and editors on this very niche. So, once again, we checked every box of quality of this Vokul S2 vk3 and finally decided that it's the best freestyle trick scooter of this list and beyond. (71) Longway Metro 2K19 Pro Scooter … The bearings are 86A PU AMEC 9. Also, a 110mm wheel will be hard to deal with for entry-level users. Because while doing stunts of intermediate levels, you need to know how to balance forces and impacts evenly on the deck.

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