Hi Ahmed, ( Log Out /  Tourism products can only be consumed at the supplier’s premise. The products/services in the tourism and travel industry are consumed as they are produced. Instead, I collected the characteristics form various books and (mainly) internet sources. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Main services are the main reason that attracts tourists, while secondary services are necessary and complementary to the main services. 6) The most important characteristic of tourism services is seasonality, as there is a peak season where the tourist demand increases, which makes the tourist supply not meet the needs of tourists. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. The tourism industry builds entirely upon people. thanks for your thoughts and engagement! Tourism is all about the time spent and the experience made. The interaction between the staff and the customer determines the perceived product quality. i want to use some details in my thesis about the social media using facebook and tripadvisor When you buy a new computer it is produced and shipped before you see it on the website or at the retailer’s premise. Fluctuating Demand 3. Hence, such companies try to balance between high and low demands, so that it’s not too much of a pain for the company when restaurant tables remain empty and for customers when there are no more tables available. There are merely attempts with photographs and video cameras. The motives, desires and expectations of tourists differ greatly, as well as the difference in the level of income for tourists, which makes the difficulty of influencing their behavior and convincing them collectively is very weak on the one hand, and the inability to produce or provide a service that meets their needs at the same time on the other hand. Thank you for this perfect composition Eating and drinking services: While undertaking tourist trips in a given area, food and drink must be available that would enable the tourist to enjoy his tourist trip. Twenty trends that will shape the next decade, Four factors of transformational leadership behavior. Do you mean that the tourism companies can react quicker to changes in customers’ needs and in turn adapt its product/service range? An element in it is provided by an independent producer, and this creates an additional challenge in terms of convincing and satisfying the consumer’s needs with a tourism product that is a result of all other services, which requires a high degree of coordination in the presentation and presentation of the tourism product. And that’s not all – all those investments are attached to one locality which means that those tourism companies are to a huge extent dependent on the attractiveness of the region, the country, its surroundings and so forth. Perishability 2. Service quality management in hospitality, tourism and leisure Is this the same as the characteristics of tourism products? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The receptionist, the tour guide, the travel agent, the cleaner …. 2Tourism services are required for the presence of the customer, so the tourism product cannot be transported nor sent, which requires the necessary transportation means for tourists to move towards a region tourism. So how can hotels build a unique selling proposition? All the best for the work on your thesis. The tourism product cannot be stored, forcing the tourism service provider instead of his best efforts to bring the largest number of tourists. We summarize them as follows:.1The impossibility of transporting or storing the tourist product. Originality, consistency, location etc. The picture cannot really reproduce the sentiment)… Tourism is a subjective picture planted into the customers’ minds. Yes it is. Finding an alternative product for the customer and living with the consequences of overbooking is statistically more economical. When a hotel room is not booked tonight, you cannot take ‘tonight’ and sell it tomorrow. hey Sebastian, Change ). In my further posts I will discuss traditional marketing measures and social media marketing for this industry and I will slowly approach the ubiquitous ROI. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Accommodation services: hotels, motels, youth homes, rented apartments, and all accommodation facilities are considered auxiliary facilities for tourism services. The consumption of that computer – using it – takes place after purchase at your home. Hey sebastian With regard to transportation, the consumer (tourist) is transferred from his place of residence to where the product is and not the other way around, as is the case for material products and some other services. What do you mean when you are talking about the responsiveness? Products of the tourism industry always differ. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The 4 characteristics of service are intangibility, inseparability, variability, perishability. We summarize   them as follows: .1The impossibility of transporting or storing the tourist product. As an uncertainty in customer demand leverages this issue, hotels and travel agencies tend to overbook available rooms and seats. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you Sebastian, this was really helpful. whats about Responsiveness (time), Assurance and Reliability (keep certain level of standard, service, also limite staff fluctuation) and communication in general (complaints, questions to the destination, etc.)? Some of the important characteristics of services are as follows: 1. Talking about hotels and other accommodations there is usually a big capital lockup in the assets. Perishability is one of the most important characteristics of the tourism industry. 3The tourism production coincide       with its consumption. 8- The multiplicity of production destinations, as tourism is an interconnected and complex industry and contains many services, some of them large and independent in themselves such as the hotel industry, transportation, and all. A night in a hotel, a day in a ski-resort, the calm flight with the nice attendant, and the smiling tour-guide taking you to the peak of an alpine mountain – all this cannot be touched. When a hotel room is not booked tonight, you cannot take ‘tonight’ and sell it tomorrow. My thesis focuses on the tourism industry – or more specific the tourism industry in Tyrol, Austria. Hence, these are challenges and opportunities for the industry. And you cannot enjoy the alpine sleigh ride in your living room. Offers and products by tourism companies are generally easy to copy. The products sold by tourism companies both can’t be reproduced or reused. So stay with me! Through the provision of services, tourism plays its role in disposing of tourism products and What are the tourist servicesmeeting the needs and desires of local and foreign tourists for comfort, treatment … etc.

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