Brown sugar is not better than white sugar. Sugar is sugar, period! This goes for everyone, and not just people with diabetes. A small piece of brown sugar can be eaten after a meal but diabetics need to ensure that they combine with exercise. The short answer is: No. I am a type 2 diabetic. Although brown sugar is classified as safe for diabetics. I adjusted the recipe a little, using the Splenda Brown Sugar Blend (instead of regular brown sugar… Despite differences in appearance and prevalent misconceptions, brown sugar is more or less the same as white sugar, and therefore should be moderated as much as its white variety. But I’m sure you’re interested in more of an explanation and some more details on the … Another recipe from the Splenda website. I think the brown sugar makes my blood sugar spike (I use the Freestyle Libre to monitor sugar … Thus, people with diabetes should limit and control their sugar intake, be it brown or white sugar. Brown sugar is safer, but not free. These were surprisingly good! Sugar is sugar, period! After all making the right choices it is very important to manage diabetes effectively. My meds are Jardiance, metformin, and Victoza. Sugar and brown sugar are both obtained from the same plant, sugarcane or sugar beet plant. Not that brown sugar … Chocolate Chip Cookies - Low Sugar/diabetic Friendly Recipe. In fact, brown sugar is nothing but refined white sugar with molasses, which gives it a brown … My breakfast is two pieces of whole wheat toast with sugar-reduced jam, and oatmeal with brown sugar.

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