Which are "the following"? Click on post comments to answer. Click on post comments to answer. One might grow faster. Note: read our review on pteridophytes under Botany. Click below to see questions from other visitors to this page. These previous years general awareness quiz objective questions answers for competitive exam are very important for prelims and mains exams. Is a maize grain a seed or a fruit? d)geranium. General knowledge is thought to be supported by long-term semantic memory ability. You can also post relevant questions on this subject here. For studying more than 1800 Bioloqy questions correctly answered, download our ebook . Water can and will dissolve minerals in the soil. Study Plant Tissues . Study Gymnosperms . Click on post comments to answer. a)mulberry Why are pith cells undifferentiated in monocots? Click on post comments to answer. For uptake …. Click on post comments to answer. Studies have found that people who are highly knowledgeable in a particular domain tend to be knowledgeable in many. Click on post comments to answer. Click on post comments to answer. If I am wrong how does the …. If you want to study those logical questions and answers, please, go to our Biology syllabus here. Read Plant Classification . Logically, yes, as they are animates? not sure.... Note: Read our review on Plant Classification under Botany. Read our review pages on Botany. C. autotrophs With figure and characteristics. a. they reproduce by mitosis. Cytokinins are plant hormones. What should you try increasing first? Ask or answer Botany questions here. Click on post comments to answer. It's the section of marram grass leaf. A plant that has different amount of sunlight in the plants habitat is said to have what? What is the spore of the gymnosperm? These topics are very useful for quiz competitions, entrance tests and many competitive exams. Please, answer. How much open ground needed for a tree which is 40 feet wide diameter and when the tree is more than 150 years old  I need to know the answer. categories of non-green plants. How can we differentiate the classifications of plants? The root hairs. A group of third grade students did an experiment with green unripe tomatoes. What is the most primitive division of plants (they have no vascular system)? What is plant physiology? It may be simple or complex. Why do you think cells in the very tip of the onion root tip do not undergo mitosis? Study Plants . So get preparation for the Botany job interview So get preparation for the Botany job interview 11 Botany Questions and Answers: What is the conductive plant tissue? Can you enlighten me? can you name a non flowering angiosperm? Learn about the Botany Questions Answers, General Botany Trivia 2021 and GK Quizzes , Botany quiz on all topics with grade 6, class 8, 7, 9,10th, 11 and 12th Read Plant Physiology . All rights reserved. I am not able to find anything. Why are some leaves darker on top than on the bottom? stomata. Botany MCQ Question with Answer Botany MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. What causes plant cells to wilt? This site does not support the use of animals for education, research and testing. ? A flower which can be divided into equal vertical halves by more than one plane of division is? What are the steps of protein synthesis in plant cells? Some plants time their blooms to the amount of sunlight they receive. Germination of spores? Dependence of sporophyte and gametophyte in cryptogams. The following topics are widely covered in All India Exams - Botany Quiz GK Questions and Answers. See what users of Biology Questions and Answers have asked by clicking on each question link below. How do plants die and how does it affect the whole plant? Question4: What is a burette and how is it used? They are important sites the plant employs in producing compounds that build up for growth of the plant. How different are the classifications of plants? What does a plant need to grow from seed to complete life cycle? Click on post comments to answer. Which minerals are used for the change in colour of mangoes? Click on post comments to answer. How does transpiration rate changes through out the season for plants? If you could answer that would be very helpful, thanks. Study Plants, Why do tomatoes appear to ripen from the bottom up to the top? How does stomata allows gases in and out of the leaf? why do some plants have a higher transpiration rate than others? He wants to make sure that the fruit ripens before being transported to other cities. What is the main function of androecium? How do the microbs in the soil remove the airborn toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde? On roses especially the leaves on the top side are usually darker green than they are on the bottom side. I think its monocot or dicot? Click on post comments to answer. Name the structure that is not seen in onion cell but present in leaf cell? c. in both, the gametophyte is dominant The most detail as possible please. MY QUESTION RELATES TO BANANA. Example : strengthening - then explain. Compare and contrast primary growth in a root tip and in a shoot tip? stomata and transpiration. As a professional horticulturalist, I have always known that, anti-intuatively, putting a frosted plant in the sun or where it is warm is the worst thing …. Botany Questions Asked by Users. Biology Questions and Answers What is gutation? How does lichen break the rock surface? Difference between thallophyta and bryophyta? Aerobic respiration: production of CO2. With regard to the alternation of generations, how are lycophytes, or club mosses, similar to the seed-bearing vascular plants? By wind or something else. Primary growth or lengthening of plants results from mitotic division in cells of which tissue? Which tissue is responsible for the growth of plants? What happens if the plant is placed separately in sugar solution? Why do plants have a need for specialized organs?

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