Posted on March 30, 2013, Kevin Thielenhaus Bioshock Infinite: How to Beat the Final Battle SPOILER WARNING! The first alternate reality is created by Rosalind during her first successful experiment, at most a few years before the baptism. Most signs point to Andrew Ryan and Comstock being one and the same, but we will know the truth in due time. Neils Bohr et al. In Bioshock Infinite, you can only have two weapons at any given time. Even if one wishes to argue that "prime" Elizabeth (the person with whom Booker travels during the events of the game) enters the final lighthouse, her fate is still unclear. Maybe, the game is asking us to look at both sides of every coin. Elizabeth doesn't necessarily disappear, because she's shown to be detached from the Bioshock time/space continuum by having the ability to open/enter tears and megaverses at will. The thought is that the final baptism sequence is a place wholly of Elizabeth's creation and not an actual place within any of the timelines - a place outside of all universes. This is one reason why this theory is useful in quantum mechanics. If you measure/observe one quantum coin that is heads, instantaneously, the attached/entangled quantum coin will be tails. Again, a new iteration of Booker takes up the story. Of course each choice you make has a minor change and thus, another universe is created in which you did NOT make that choice. But then what about the final scene? Even if Anna was born before the Baptism, Booker's dying still prevents him with living with her in any universe. He changes his mind at the last second, and while trying to pull Anna away from Comstock, who is escaping through a tear created by Rosalind Lutece's machine, her pinky finger is cut off as the tear between their universes closes. Because of Booker's ability to use a bathysphere near the end of the game when Elizabeth brings him to Rapture, there's speculation floating around regarding Andrew Ryan's true identity. Alright here's the deal. However, the act of drowning Booker before the baptism means that Elizabeth would no longer have ever existed, and would therefore not have been able to drown him after all. However, what is actually happening is that two realities are co-occuring simultaneously, just like Schrodinger's cat being both alive and dead at the same time. Schrodinger, Quantum Entanglement, Set theory, & Suspended Disbelief. I have not yet determined which is the reason his consciousness did not enter Comstock as it entered the Comstock would-be from 20 years ago. This means that there are an infinite number of Bookers in different universes all go to the river and have a chance to make the baptism decision. Infinite universes can be resolved by using number, and primarily set theory. In the event that the player gets Booker killed during the game, you often see the black and white flashback to Booker's office again. In the first universe, Booker declines the baptism and remains himself, has a daughter named Anna, owes a great debt through his gambling addiction, and gives up Anna to Robert Lutece, who is working for Comstock, in order to pay the debt. Booker even says "wait, you're not, who are you?"5. According to BioShock Infinite, there are countless perspectives and views of the same thing and each one is just as real to it's own believer or creator. The scene is not real and something like a distant afterthought or melancholy figment of Elizabeth's imagination. The same rule can also hold true for Comstock, no contradiction was found so far. What she can do is reflexively move to the nearest, living Booker to continue her (at this point unconscious) mission. Booker is eventually pulled over into Comstock's world by Robert and Rosalind Lutece. Hence the player controlling him to cross the tear for the "first time" was only a piece of experience & memory. The crucial point in Booker DeWitt's existence is that of the baptism which occurs after the battle of Wounded Knee. That would probably overload my gpu though, so there is only a couple :), Now given that there are an infinite number of universes, and that all events, not only the baptism, spawn "new" universes, its entirely plausible that there is one (or infact infinite) universe(s) where Booker doesn't gamble, or doesn't make a deal to sell Anna, or by some other means enables the final scene. 1999 Mode Tips 1999 Mode can be extremely frustrating if you are unprepared. Taking into account all the MWI's implications has significant impact on the game's interpretability. He gets heads! In the second universe, Booker accepts the baptism and becomes Comstock, creates Columbia, and foresees the future through use of Rosalind Lutece's tears in the universe. ... Just go to continue your game and sit through the ending one more time and then start a new 1999 play through. To make some sense of this we have to answer one more question. The Booker in this universe lives in regret and depression for about 20 years. The "cat" in question is probably Schrodinger’s cat. Prior to meeting Comstock, Rosalind Lutece's research in the existence of a floating atom lead her as far as the creation of that atom, and a means of which she could communicate with Robert Lutece through Morse code. From the beginning of the game, the Luteces know what's going to happen, because they've been through all of it before with other Bookers. Simply toss me an email at (with the subject beginning "Bioshock Infinite guide"): WITHOUT the underscores (that's just to prevent auto-parsers from grabbing my email for spam purposes). I wouldn't dream of sharing that secret, but few people realize there's an entirely different cutscene for those who complete a pacifist play-through of 1999 Mode. Hi, I got the PS4 collection for Christmas and have since platinum'd the first two. For Elizabeth however, who can travel between worlds, the realization that there is absolutely no change she can effect would presumably be devastating.]. From there you enter the Columbia megaverse, a subset of possibilities within the entire multiverse all having to do with Columbia/Elizabeth/Booker.3. These choices do make some minor changes to the story, but nothing major. i just beat the game and honestly think its the most mind blowing shooter ever, especially the ending. None of the Comstock universes ever invaded his to steal his Anna (remember, considerably fewer Comstock universes) and he was not required to complete the Comstock elimination event chain. Each reality has it's own set of events based on events and decisions made. Drowning Booker before he is baptized (in one of these, as happens in the ending) then eliminates the infinite number of worlds in which that Booker becomes Comstock and in which fire rains from the sky, etc., but there still remain another infinite number of worlds where slightly different Bookers accept the baptism, and an infinite number of Comstock worlds branch out from each of these.

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