According to Indian legend, the spring supposedly restored youth to older persons who bathed in or drank its waters. His companions tried it, and said the same: "The Fountain of Youth is found.". Today, the locals refer to a well near the road leading to the airport as the Fountain of Youth. He went on to discover the Gulf Stream and Florida instead. . which had brought Don Luis from Spain to Porto Rico four years before; and, when Ponce de Leon had subdued that island, his older kinsman was forever beseeching him to carry his flag farther, and not stop till he had reached Bimini, and sought the Fountain of Youth. He found Bimini but failed to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. Touching at many a fair island green with trees, and occupied by a gentle population till then undisturbed, it was not strange if, nearing the coast of Florida, both Juan Ponce de Leon and his more impatient cousin expected to find the Fountain of Youth. Tales of such a fountain have been recounted across the world for thousands of years, appearing in writings by Herodotus (5th century BC), the Alexander romance (3rd century AD), and the stories of Prester John (early Crusades, 11th/12th centuries AD). They treated the white men as if come from heaven,--brought them food, made them houses, carried every burden for them. Arawak and/or Taíno spoke of a land called Beimini where the fountain could be found. 9 sq. No time must now be lost in proclaiming the great discovery. They obtained a boat from the natives, who wept at parting with the white strangers whom they had so loved. Yellow jasmines trailed their festoons above their heads; wild roses grew at their feet; the air was filled with the aromatic odors of pine or sweet bay; the long gray moss hung from the live-oak branches; birds and butterflies of wonderful hues fluttered around them; and strange lizards crossed their paths, or looked with dull and blinking eyes from the branches. The Caribbean islanders described a mythical land of Beimeni or Beniny (whence Bimini), a land of wealth and prosperity, which became conflated with the fountain legend. Let us go where we can bathe in those enchanted waters and be young once more. Don't show any more offers until my next visit. Juan Ponce de León and his search for the Fountain of Youth included references to Bimini. Submit. There was no mention of him locating the fountain. See more. There's not a lot to see, but you're likely to hear tall tales worth the cab fare. Some had bows, and went upon the hills for deer, and brought half a dozen every night for their guests; others killed hares and rabbits by arranging themselves in a circle and striking down the game with billets of wood as, it ran from one to another through the woods. Qty: View cart () Continue shopping GET YOUR SWEAT ON WITH FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER $100. and having well drunk and washed himself for many, days with the appointed remedies, by them who kept the bath, he is reported to have brought home a manly strength, and to have used all manly exercises. "For what end," he said, "should you stay here longer and lord it over these miserable natives? But one native, whose wife and children they had cured, and who had grown angry at their refusal to stay longer, went down to the water's edge and, sending an arrow from his bow, transfixed Don Luis, so that even his foretaste of the Fountain could not save him, and he died ere reaching the mouth of the river. Ponce De … It was a strange journey for these gray and careworn men as they passed up the defiles and valleys along the St. John's River, beyond the spot where now spreads the city of Jacksonville, and even up to the woods and springs about Magnolia and Green Cove. Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth. The Fountain of Youth is a spring that supposedly restores the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters. They climbed a hill and watched the brigantines disappear in the distance; then set up a cross, which they had brought with them, and prayed before it bareheaded. Submit. The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. daily at 11 Magnolia Ave. in St. Augustine. There was little in this slowly moving veteran to recall one who had shot through the lists at the tournament, and had advanced with his short sword at the bull fight,--who had ruled his vassals, and won the love of high-born women. Today, Bimini’s Fountain of Youth sits along the airport road in South Bimini under a scattering of overgrown Kamalame trees and consists of a small limestone well, a short walking path and a few painted benches. such health that, when their bodies were pierced through and through by arrows, they would recover rapidly from their wounds. Tales of sacred, restorative waters existed well before the birth of Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León around 1474. ", "All know it," said Luis. In 1513, Ponce de Leon set sail for Bimini from Puerto Rico with three ships. These things convinced the Spaniards that, even if the Indians would not disclose the source of all their bodily freshness, it must, at any rate, lie somewhere in the neighborhood. they all grew older and more worn in look, as time went on, and farther from the Fountain of Youth. 1.800.224.2627 Copyright © 2020 The Islands Of The Bahamas Privacy Policy • Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Note: Flights available only on Wednesday & Saturday, Note: Flights available only on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, Note: Flights available only on Monday & Friday, Copyright © 2020 The Islands Of The Bahamas. . From these people the travellers received many valuable skins, and other gifts. A fierce discussion ended in Luis obtaining his wish, and being left for a fortnight of exploration; his kinsman promising to come for him again at the mouth of the river St. John. Bimini’s Fountain of Youth: The Secluded Vibe of Young Age Photo by Rosalind Cummings-Yeates Before facelifts and Botox, there was the Fountain of Youth.

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