Though a lot of beer is produced here, there is a lack of variety on the shelves of corner stores that may leave something to be desired. This has occurred because people in China are becoming more and more interested in buying premium beers. The two main beer companies are FEMSA and Grupo Modelo. Unsurprisingly, Brazilian beer drinkers favor pilsner as their top style. Beer has been brewed by Armenians since ancient times. The USA made nearly 22.5 kiloliters of beer in 2013 and they are the sixth biggest beer exporter in the world. It is difficult to top the variety found in beer. From rice lager to beer made with hops, malt, and barley, from Asia to Europe, and the Americas, copying this novel invention from the ancient Egyptians continues to be popular worldwide. In Russia, beer is second to vodka as the most popular drink and it is estimated that every Russian citizen drinks about 74 liters annually. Brazil might be a surprise entry on this list, considering how high it is on the list, but Brazil makes a lot of beer. Consumers in China are bringing home more money, and people who are young and earning a middle-class income in places like Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai want to drink beer of higher quality than your basic, mass-marketed beer. What is going to happen with the Mexican beer market is a little up in the air. Over 1,300 breweries now make their home in Germany. Brazil is known for its colorful carnival, and dangerous streets. That dollar amount reflects an average 20.7% increase for all beer shippers over the five-year period starting in 2015 Like other European countries, Germany started making beer in the Middle Ages. In the present day, Poland is the fifth biggest beer consumer in the world and in 2013 it produced nearly four million kiloliters to satisfy these beer drinkers. The rest of the percentage is made by local brewers, 3.4%, home brewers 2.1% and 16.2% of the beer is imported. During the coronavirus pandemic, beer was declared non-essential in Mexico, creating the potential for a vast underground market for the drink. Europe Beer Market Production (Litres), By Type, 2014 – 2024. Some of the most popular brands in Brazil include Bohemia, Brahma Chopp, and Skol Beer. Up to 95% of the market share constitutes lagers. Yuengling and Son Inc. which is the oldest brewery in the US, the Boston Beer Co., and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. For all the beer they produce, Japan ranks fairly low on the consumption list, only coming in at 43rd. Pale lager was the most popular style in earlier years, but now IPA - a craft beer favorite - is just as popular. Not only that, but Chinese brands of beer occupied the number one, number two and number six spots for most consumed beer in the world. In 2013, the UK topped four million kiloliters for beer drinkers at home and abroad. Japan*2 remained in seventh place, seeing a decrease of 2.7% in 2018 compared to the previous year. Here, they tend to specialize in producing brews with distinct flavors. One of the first confirmed written evidences of ancient beer production is Xenophon's reference to "wine made from barley" in one of the ancient Armenia villages, as described in his 5th century B.C. Germans love to drink beer, and in fact, the country forms the most important beer market in all of Europe. The country is home to over 100 breweries and there's also a flourishing microbrewery scene, with about 250 of those around the country. Mexico is the largest exporter of beer on the planet, and labels like Modelo, Pacifico, and Corona are still being produced to be sold in places like the US. No Comments. As in the US and elsewhere, less beer is being sold than before in Germany, but there are more microbreweries opening up. Most beer drinkers in this country prefer pilsner, topping out at 63% of the market share. Another little-known fact is that China has been the world's top beer market since 2002, taking the title from the USA. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, The World’s Largest Oil Reserves By Country, Top Cotton Producing Countries In The World.

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