Neck of a traditional guitar is not straight and is in fact little warped around the sixth fret. Home | Bodies, Necks and Wood | Necks. MM2902 $135.21 * * Mighty Mite® Strat Neck w/Rosewood Fingerboard Compound Radius. This meant he could always take his Tele back to its original form without devaluing it. A simple guide to finding out how to determine this important measurement that will keep your guitar sounding great. Electric guitar necks. MM2900CR $131.63 * * Left Handed Mighty Mite® Strat Neck w/Rosewood … This neck allows you to lengthen the scale of a 25-1/2" Fender®-style guitar to the longer Baritone scale of 28-5/8", which facilitates lowered tunings such as A or C. Conversion Necks Compared Warmoth replacement necks bolt directly on to any 25-1/2" scale guitar body that uses Fender's® vintage/original 2-3/16" (56mm) neck pocket dimensions. Our Baritone Conversion Strat Neck is an easy way to convert your Strat into a baritone guitar. How to Measure Neck Relief on Guitar or Bass. This little intentional warp is known as relief. MM2900 $128.01 * * Mighty Mite® Strat Neck w/Maple Fingerboard. A guitar should feel comfortable, like "home," as soon as you pick it up, and the neck is paramount to that connection. He’d also ordered a Warmoth baritone neck (WD Music Products and USA Custom Guitars also make bari necks), and my job was to create a viable instrument from these parts without making any irreversible modifications. It also helps to avoid buzz at the frets in the area where the neck joins the body of the guitar. Constructed from the highest quality wood, with your choice of fingerboard wood and inlays. Your choice of radius and fretwire size. A simple routine measurement you can perform yourself on your guitar or bass is the amount of neck relief, which is the amount of curvature along the length of the neck. This dip makes the upper frets more easily playable. All guitar truss rods are alike only with regards to their intended function, to adjust neck relief. Neck shapes have always been a high priority for PRS and a hallmark of our quality. All truss rods are made of steel, however; the composition of the steel used is not the same. Mighty Mite® Strat Neck w/Rosewood Fingerboard. The variances in steel composition, rod diameter, and manufacturing quality result in … By Jeff Owens. Relief in a Guitar Neck. BYOGuitar Necks. Be aware that this is not always possible with a baritone conversion. Fender Licensed Necks. Because baritone guitars are normally used by guitar players that want to play in lower tunings, and not by bass players that want to play in higher tunings, the overall feel of a baritone should be more like a guitar than a bass. This is a top quality neck from our Custom Shop. These new neck shapes reflect modern tooling and programming that allows us to even more preciously shape and consistently reproduce our necks.

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