Palo Alto's 10 Billionaires - Palo Alto, CA - Off the top of your head, can you list all ten billionaires in Palo Alto? Atherton, CA- Average household income – $450,696. The Billionaires Among Us - Redwood City-Woodside, CA - Some of the world's wealthiest people call the Peninsula and Silicon Valley home. Who’s Who in Atherton? ... is a former resident of Atherton. One of the most annoying questions is if I'm neighbors with jerry rice, i don't know who he is, haha, my only concerns at this moment is college acceptance letters LOL. She's caring for her grandchild. Find out how much they're worth. Here's what Forbes tells us about the billionaires amongst us. Atherton. anyways, i live on selby lane and there are trees everywhere and houses are spread apart so its really hard to understand where certain people live. It was designed by famous architects, James … When residents want to get out of Atherton, they take a quick drive to downtown Menlo Park, a larger town that has shopping, fine-dining restaurants, parks, and museums. Seven Famous Neighborhood Residents Mae Hamilton 4/28/2020. The residents of Scarsdale enjoys an average increase of $30,000 in yearly household income from 2016 that has made it to the second position in this list. my … For years now, the Bay Area suburb of Atherton has consistently ranked as the wealthiest zip code in the United States. Hi my name is Michael, i currently live in Atherton Ca with my mom. Atherton, California, ... One thing's for certain: many of the rich and famous tech executives come home to the same zip code. Now this New Jersey woman faces deportation, too. Her daughter is sick.

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