The second-largest poultry processor in the country, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., said on Wednesday that it will pay a $110.5 million fine as part of a plea agreement with the Justice Department. Hog farmers struggled with a coronavirus-caused backlog of market-ready hogs that peaked at 3.5 million head at the end of May. Spiking COVID-19 cases cause renewed concerns for ethanol industry, Smithfield settles suits over North Carolina farms, after losing appeal. As an antidote for the dwindling cash market, the largest U.S. cattle group circulated a plan on Tuesday for meatpackers to voluntarily buy cattle on the spot market to assure fair and open price. Agricultural research news. 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Some hog farmers are leaving the business in the face of low market prices and coronavirus slowdowns at packing plants. FFA student Luke Wickett got a 1946 Allis Chalmers B in rough shape. Not a Good Idea, Say Scientists, Ants Swallow Their Own Acid to Protect Themselves from Germs, Plant Viruses Hijack the Defense System of Plants, but There Might Be a Way to Strike Back, Self-Watering Soil Could Transform Farming, Fighting Food Fraud from Farm to Fork With a Mobile Ingredient Tracing System, To Predict How Crops Cope With Changing Climate, 30 Years of Experiments Simulate Future, Hungry Plants Rely on Their Associated Bacteria to Mobilize Unavailable Iron, Silk Road Contains Genomic Resources for Improving Apples, Waste Not, Want Not: Recycled Water Proves Fruitful for Greenhouse Tomatoes, Study of Ancient Dog DNA Traces Canine Diversity to the Ice Age, Bioenergy Research Team Sequences Miscanthus Genome, Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Protein Alternative for Hungry Humans, Researchers Map Genomes of Agricultural 'monsters', Geologists Simulate Soil Conditions to Help Grow Plants on Mars, Common Liverwort Study Has Implications for Crop Manipulation, US Corn Crop's Growing Sensitivity to Drought Revealed, Shifts in Flowering Phases of Plants Due to Reduced Insect Density, Grafting With Epigenetically-Modified Rootstock Yields Surprise, Genome Sequencing Shows Climate Barrier to Spread of Africanized Bees, Phosphorus Deficit May Disrupt Regional Food Supply Chains, Cheaters Don't Always Win: Species That Work Together Do Better, High Social and Ecological Standards for Chocolate, During COVID, Scientists Turn to Computers to Understand C4 Photosynthesis, Plant Genetic Engineering to Fight 'hidden Hunger', More Diversity Needed in Oil Palm Plantations, Atmospheric Dust Levels Are Rising in the Great Plains, Planting Parasites: Unveiling Common Molecular Mechanisms of Parasitism and Grafting, Crabs Are Key to Ecology and Economy in Oman, Dietary Migration of Impala Rivals the Geographical Migration of Serengeti Wildebeest, Genomic Study Reveals Evolutionary Secrets of Banyan Tree, Pollinator Monitoring More Than Pays for Itself, Nitrous Oxide Emissions Pose an Increasing Climate Threat, Study Finds, Pesticides and Food Scarcity Dramatically Reduce Wild Bee Population, Shattering Expectations: Novel Seed Dispersal Gene Found in Green Millet, Dozens of Mammals Could Be Susceptible to SARS-CoV-2, Harvesting Vegetation on Riparian Buffers Barely Reduces Water-Quality Benefits, Potential New Tool for Frost Screening in Crops, New Research Sheds Light on the Reluctance of Farmers to Adopt New Technologies, Bright Light Bars Big-Eyed Birds from Human-Altered Landscapes, Satellite Imaging to Map Groundwater Use in California's Central Valley, Hand Pollination, Not Agrochemicals, Increases Cocoa Yield and Farmer Income. Have any problems using the site? This includes herd management, health, equipment, technology, and more. Three sizes of square tubing ( 1½, 1¼, and 1 inch) are all... read more. Content on this website is for information only. Can We Harness a Plant's Ability to Synthesize Medicinal Compounds? Researchers Reveal Switch Used in Plant Defense Against Animal Attack, Global Warming Likely to Increase Disease Risk for Animals Worldwide, First Genomic Atlas for Global Wheat Improvement, Better Wheat to Tackle Global Food Shortage. Financial support for ScienceDaily comes from advertisements and referral programs, where indicated. How can ag tech help the livestock industry after the events of 2020? Harnessing Plant's Ability to Synthesize Meds. It is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. All is provided by Barchart Solutions.

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