Net change by Change Orders $ Approved this Month 3. Change Orders approved in ADDITIONS DEDUCTIONS previous months by Owner 1. TOTAL COMPLETED & STORED TO DATE $ (Column G on G703… APPLICATION DATE: In tabulations below, … Document G703 Line No. 1. Net Change by Change orders 3. AIA Document G703(B), APPLICATION AND CERTIFICATE FOR PAYMENT APPLICATION NUMBER: containing Contractor's signed Certification is attached. C.O. Total Complete & Stored to date Total in Column I of G703… Original Contract Sum 2. The AIA will not permit … Contract Sum to date 4. The AIA hereby grants the purchaser a limited license to reproduce a maximum of ten copies of a completed G703, but only for use in connection with a particular project. Authorized State of County of Subscribed and sworn to before me this Day of , 20 . ORIGINAL CONTRACT SUM $ TOTAL 2. CONTRACT SUM TO DATE $ Number Date Approved 4. CHANGE ORDER SUMMARY AIA Document G703, is attached. The G703, which must be used with the G702, breaks the contract down into portions of work using a schedule of values that is included in the … aia form g703 pdf admin January 31, 2020 AIA Document G™–, Application and Certificate for Payment, and G ™–, Continuation Sheet, provide convenient and complete forms on which. 13, Continuation Sheet, AIA … The AIA® Form G703 Is The Continuation Sheet For The G702.

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