Fried Fish Sandwich – Skip the drive-thru with this crunchy, flaky fried fish sandwich that knocks McDonald’s filet-o-fish out of the park. Fried to perfection topped with homemade tartar sauce and fresh, crispy vegetables, this classic fried fish sandwich will be your new favorite.. This tasty fried fish recipe is made with a basic combination of flour and seasonings, but don't be fooled by the simplicity of this dish—the fillets fry up crispy and delicious. African recipes are always a delight. Haddock and cod are two excellent choices for fried fish, but tilapia, pollock, or another mild white fish should work fine. If you are familiar with African recipes, you will know that rich foods like Jollof Rice, African fried rice, Okra soup and more are very dear to our hearts. I have also included a compilation of African’s favorite snacks like puff puff, Buns, Chin Chin, and Fish … Although I’m that make-it-from-scratch kind of gal, there are always a few that are an exception to the rule.

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