Then there will be a translation in English. We will study this kind of adjective in detail because it is commonly used in Modern Standard Arabic. Third, according to Arabic adjective agreement, nouns that are dual or plural need to have adjectives in the dual or plural. مَرْفُوع, مَنْصُوب, or مَجْرُور). Arabic Adjectives Welcome to the second Arabic lesson about adjectives. Consider the following examples (please read from right to left): Example (1) An adjective is word that describes a noun. مُذَكَّر or مُؤَنَّث), and case (i.e. 1. نَكِرَة or مَعْرِفَة), number (i.e. In Arabic it is called صِفَة (or نَعْت).It follows the noun, and it must agree with it in definiteness (i.e. As an example, in the phrase “tall man”, the noun “tall” is an adjective that is qualifying another noun “man”. To hear the pronunciation, just click on the sound icon. In the English language the adjectives comes before the noun being qualified. The first word will be a singular form and the second one will be a plural form. Adjectives (Seq # 47) Adjective is a noun that qualify another noun. مُفْرَد, مُثَنَّى, or جَمْع), gender (i.e. The adjective can be also formed of a vague indefinite noun (ما mā) to refer to an unknown person or thing (someone or something). Strong - qa we, Fast - sa ree a, Perseverant - mu thabir, Smart - tha key, Beautiful - ja meel, Courageous - shoo ja a. One of the most important things to remember about nouns and adjectives in Arabic is that they can be both defined and undefined using the definite article prefix al-. This time we will first learn about colors, followed by grammar rules, then weather expressions, finally a conversation in Arabic to help you practice your daily phrases. But in the Arabic language the adjectives comes after the noun… List of adjectives in Arabic and English Before showing you the list, I will explain you the writing method. Last, masculine nouns take masculine adjectives, and feminine nouns take feminine adjectives. Finally, I write the sentence example in Arabic with English translation. Hence, to create an indefinite phrase, all you do is take an undefined noun and add to it an undefined adjective.

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