Again, you’ll need 40 pounds of pasta per person. But the birds require grains and the rabbits need greens or purchased pellets. Obviously you don’t need to eat exactly this amount every day; you can have pasta one day, rice the next and beans or lentils added wherever you want. I still walked every evening for weeks to get sticks to cook over but I did splurge on fresh butter, eggs, milk and bread. Some beans and lentils, a few well chosen spices and a spoonful of molasses can make a really tasty meal. I discovered there are even dry, preflavored, refried beans that are fast and taste good. This is actually pretty easy to achieve. I have baked at a campfire with foil and cardboard, in a heavy pan on the fire or by a fire or in a camp oven that can set over a fire or on a wood stove. Your first priority is to get enough energy to keep you alive. For example, at Walmart you can get just over six pounds of sugar by buying one 4lb and two 20oz bags – but it’s cheaper to get two 4lb ones, and you end up with more sugar too. Some suggestions;ramen (1pack/day),oatmeal(4-6 oz dry/day),canned meals(spaghetti sauce for pasta,stew,chili without beans or chili starter),mac and cheese instead of 2/3 elbow mac,tuna in water not oil,what are you going to do with that oil?you have no use with those ingredients,dry Masa to make tortillas(better than bread),spices and seasonings(whole,dried store better),more canned,dried vegetables. We could reasonably make it half a year and we still have ducks, chickens, and rabbits. • White long grain rice – 40 pounds Same here! Almost one year later friends from another state planned a trip passing right by here. Rounding it out. If you want something that’s a bit tastier, but doesn’t last quite as long, the Roman Army had their own version. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. The supplies in this article are basic survival-level rations though, so personally I’d be reluctant to barter them. Stocking non-perishable food items will help you weather the storm, particularly if an epidemic or pandemic is raging around you. This diet is designed to be as affordable as possible, but still supply enough energy and nutrients to keep you going for months at a time. Our most popular products based on sales. None of this will be of any value unless you are armed to the teeth with piles of ammo and being willing to kill anyone attempting to relieve you of your supplys, iniformed or not. No thought seems to have been given to cooking fuel or time(beans can take up to 8hrs to boil),no menu planning either and prices seems very high(just got years supply of pasta under$.50#). I also put them in my closet musty mold gone or anything that is going to be closed up for awhile. It also gives you the flexibility to create interesting meals by adding a few simple extras that you probably already have in your kitchen. Don’t know if here or other, but showed how you can almost always get water from a tree!! The cheapest, and longest-lasting, sources of both carbohydrates and protein are dry goods. Dried veggies are ready to add to soup, soak and steam, powder and add to broth powder for a drink. Which is correct? Here you can find 19 more foods that will outlast you. Are beans the same as “pulses”? There are lots of ways to improve the taste profile with spices or canned meats, Wertz Beef and Pork are my favorite. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food bar - 3 Day/ 72 Hour Package with 5 Year Shelf Life, 5" Height, 2" Wide, 4.5" Length-1, Emergency Food Rations - 3600 Calorie Bar - 3 Day Supply - Less Sugar and More Nutrients Than Other Leading Brands - (5 Year Shelf Life)-9 bars, Augason Farms 5-20100 72-Hour 4-Person Emergency Food Storage Kit 14 lbs 7 oz, Wise Company ReadyWise, Emergency Food Supply, 124 Servings, S.O.S. After all, the average cost of feeding a family of four for a week is over $200, according to the USDA’s figures. Can you cook once in the morning and eat hot food later without power? Food Assets 90 Day Emergency Food Kit (updated 3/11/20) Emergency Food Details: Dehydrated Food; 27 #10 Cans w/Lids; 7 #2.5 Can w/Lids; Requires 7.2 cubic feet of storage space; This emergency food kit offers 3 months of dehydrated emergency food for 1 … Do You Live Near One? I grew up in a home where canning and drying were a regular part of life. No charge… Just seems like the right thing to do for my community. The only drawback is that they’re usually aimed at supplying food to two to three weeks, and the nutrition they provide reflects that. To boost that, add dried beans or lentils. They mostly used *very* simple ingredients compared to what’s available now, but they are pretty well. • Canned vegetables – 22.5 pounds. You can get a bucket of dehydrated food for a bit over $100 that claims to feed four people for a week, but that’s based on an energy intake of just 1,822 calories a day. Any calories are important in a survival situation, and an ounce of sugar a day will give you another 100 of them.

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