Push the facebook button to login or register. These SnapMounts allow you to mount your monitor or TV to 15-series or 40-series 80/20 or T-slot aluminum profile extrusion. Everything in a kit which for me was the best value. Great page! Stephen found that the flexibility and modularity enabled through 80/20 fastening plates was crucial to his design; he wanted to be able to reconfigure and adjust his simulator to obtain optimum positioning and allow for new parts and accessories. As many have done, you could use common materials such as wood, or PVC tubing. I would love for you to do a series on diy motion rigs. This sim rig is solid like a rock but very comfy. The C-Spec Tach Stand is a high-end gauge available as either a Tachometer (10,000 RPM) or a Speedometer (0-300 KPH or MPH) and is a simple yet attractive ‘plug n play’ solution to fitting a USB Revcounter or Speedo to your rig … In reality my rig is quite old and has gone through so many variations, that despite being highly functional, it was not as nice as it could be. solutions booklet to learn how 80/20 custom applications streamline processes. If you are looking to upgrade your sim rig to something strong and versatile, then 80/20 profile is something for you. Stephen wanted to get a feel for the product before and during his build so he visited a distributor and interacted with the profiles, parts, accessories and tools on the demo gurney. Support response is in need of someone's dedication. For anyone else building one I have a couple of things i learned. Having individual paints is a real attraction within iRacing. BUILD YOUR OWN 8020 SIM RIG. The GT1 rig is a very solid rig with endless adjustment possibilities. The sim rig comparison table below shows each sim rig that we will be covering in this guide. Would it still be possible to build the project with 40*40? DIY - 80/20 Triple Monitor Stand - Edited For many sim racers there are tons of options for sim racing chassis or rigs. Without any compromise, the P1-X is extremely rigid providing precise and crisp feedback of … SIMRIG SR1 is compatible with aluminum rigs built using 60x20, 40x40, and 80x40 mm aluminum extrusions. 80/20’s Xtreme DIY describes that after adding electronics and other … Because the software for the program is thousands, I am looking for a cockpit and stand that I can get made to have at least 27'' monitors, fit people of all sizes. items on your wish list. It is not very intuitive for new users. Michael Baley Sean, I am all signed up and ready to race in the Carrera Cup, except for one thing. This needs to be done better or replaced! You can order aluminium profiles, fastening bolts and everything else you need directly from manufacturers such as Motedis or 80/20 … The tubing also comes in a variety of different styles, shapes and hardware all unique to that manufacturer. For all the Swede's out there thinking about building this. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I purchased the P1-X from Sim-lab. The new rig will be made of Aluminum Profile Tubing. He also valued the fact that the distributor had stock profiles and parts, saving him considerable money in shipping costs. Keep up the awesome work man! You will find Aluminium profiles like these at alucon.se. Learn why Stephen a racing enthusiast, turned to 80/20 T-slot aluminum profiles and parts for his custom racing simulator rig. I don't see anything wrong with ordering piecemeal as the OP has done, basically you have most of the base of the P1-X. Racing Simulator Rig Walk through this Xtreme DIY how-to video to learn key considerations when designing your custom racing simulator rig. But I … Indeed you will be able to fix on this chassis all the … You can draw a rig yourself and order the parts, but you can also buy a solid rig from Sim-Lab. Glad I found you Shaun! all of my equipment mounted up no issues, only had to drill 2 holes for pedals. Which version of Fuji should I download. Our NewV2Plus Rig designed to overcome the practice of driving simulation AND flight simulation. shaun can you please tell us how tall are you in centimeteres please? Regardless of the brand name or style of tubing they all work in a very similar manor. But, you don’t want your rig to look the same as everyone else’s, don’t you? I built a rig last weekend based on your video and design. Stephen also found the flexibility and modularity enabled by fastening plates to be crucial to his design; he wanted to be able to reconfigure and adjust his simulator to obtain optimum positioning and allow for new parts or accessories. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. ​Interesting that without member support there would be no answers or help. Constructed of extruded aluminium profile, this is the last stop when building a rig.Direct drive wheels and load cell pedals require a flex free solution when mounting to your rig.... $699.00 $599.00 I used the 10 series from 80/20 Inc and found it to be strong enough, although I did add angle aluminum I purchased at a home improvement store to run a brace from the main verticals to the horizontal arms that hold the side monitors without them sagging. I could use any help anyone is willing to offer. It's a shame, the program is so popular not to have good management. It is a great way to help in the design and decision-making process before investing resources. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. I am keen to build a monitor stand using 80/20. If you want to have more control over the final product and save a bit of extra money, you also have the option of building an 8020 sim rig yourself. Design Your 80/20 Racing Rig with FrameDesigner Many Sim Racers out there, will at some point in time consider fabricating their own rig.

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