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Why Balance Diet™-Reason #1

Balance Diet™ is the only company which uses purified, fermented all natural USDA/organic ingredients-utilizing our proprietary VitaMethod™. Compare the labels of our products with any other brands. Some of what you see on the labels of both products may appear to be identical. What you don’t see are the impure ingredients used by other companies. They are not required to list these ingredients if they are not added when making the final products. Furthermore, you will not find toxins such as corn gluten meal, corn, soy, potatoes, wheat, barley, rice, sugars, or carcinogenic heat processing (extruding) of proteins, and gelatized carbohydrates on our labels.    
I've been feeding BD to my four ESS's for 5 months now......the changes in my dogs have been remarkable!!!!!!!! My dogs range in age from 14 months to almost 9 years. The 9 year old has always had really crummy skin. He has had staph infections, yucky ears, itchy scratchies you name it he's had it. For almost a year I fed totally raw, well at the time we had 6 dogs, including a litter of was too much so I started switching around to various "premium" (read expensive) kibbles. His skin kept getting worse and worse. We did food allergy tests, etc. The other dogs were doing reasonably well on what ever I fed them, but one always looked bloated, one didn't eat real well very finicky, the puppies....well they were puppies what can I say. Finally I was about to switch back to all raw as we had gotten back down to a manageable number of dogs. I was on a dog list where Balance Diet was mentioned. I thought well this would be my last try before going back to raw. In 2 weeks the male's skin cleared up. Then he went thru a detox like I've never seen before!!!!!!! From gooey, crusty skin, to weepy yucky eyes, loose mucousy stools and! After the initial 2 weeks the skin started clearing up, first inside his hindlegs then all over his body. Now after about 5 months he has the cleanest, clearest skin that he's had since he was a 3 week old puppy! His coat is shiny and has that healthy oily feel that most Sporting dogs have. His ears are also clear and clean. These changes are very drastic, but indicative of the changes I've seen in the others. Gone are the red stains between the toes, gone is the bloated overweight look. The puppies (young adults actually now) have actually put on bone density that wasn't there before. As for your claim of 20# lasting as long as a 35# bag, mine is now lasting about 3 days longer. These are very active dogs. Some in training for obedience, some for field work and actively showing. These dogs don't sit around. They are busy constantly. I can't tell you how happy I am with this food. I know it's not for everyone, but you have a customer for life! I'm tired of having to change foods because a company decides to change the formula (for whatever reason) I sure hope this doesn't happen with your food. Any time you want an endorsement, just let me know I'll be happy to provide you with one. I'd be happy to include a "We feed BalanceDiet" in any of our ads that we do for the dogs. We do advertise extensively and have a website where this can be included. Maybe we could make arrangements that would be beneficial to both parties. Again thank you for your great food!


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