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BD™ - BioFlora™ GI Tract Ecology for dogs
BD™ is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) Dog Food Nutrient Profile for maintenance
BioFlora™ Whole Foods Granules
are all natural, healthy nutritional treats. BioFlora™ is made from whole foods organic ingredients including fresh chicken liver, chicken, beef liver, beef and veggies. Naturally vitaminized and mineralized with a meaty outside and a veggie center.
Delicious earthy aroma dogs love!
Based - the primary ingredient in MelaGreen is Real vegetables
  • 50 plus healthy whole fresh human grade/organic ingredients
  • No heat processing or cooking
  • All naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
  • Hypoallergenic: no grains, no corn, soy or wheat/wheat gluten
  • Dogs love the real meaty flavors intensely
  • Naturally preserved utilizing our proprietary VitaMethod™
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • 5 sources of real meats
  • Vegetables, fruit, legumes sprouts, berries, herbs, algae, grasses
  • Heart healthy naturally occurring antioxidants
  • Odorless biodegradable reduced firm ash stools
All Balance Diet™ Real Food
products are made in the USA!
100% Complete and Balanced
100% USDA Inspected - Human Grade A Ingredients
Gluten Free - Hormone Free - Antibiotic Free
Pesticide Free - Steroid Free - No Fillers
No Chemicals - Low Carbohydrate - Low Fat
No Added Colors - No Artificial Flavors - Low Sodium
Discover what the legendary reputation is all about!
  • Dry and firm to the touch, meaty with veggies-crunchy
  • Treats will not grease out hands or pockets
  • No grains, sugars, or fillers (no wheat or corn)
  • Does not disrupt meals or promote hyperactivity
  • KickShaw™ Treats are an unequaled-reward, treat, bait
  • Bold attractive aroma
Great between meals!
Uncooked, Untreated, Unadulterated.
BioFlora™ GI Tract Ecology for dogs
BioFlora™ is a friendly probiotic bacteria/amino acid
emulsion containing trillions of viable live cells which benefit any dog.
Recommended for all dogs / all ages
  • Friendly Flora
  • No Side Effects
  • Stops Diarrhea
  • Firms Stools
  • GI Tract Health
About BioFlora™ Bioflora™ GI Tract Ecology for dogs
is a friendly probiotic bacteria/amino acid emulsion containing trillions of viable live cells which benefit any dog Excellent for pregnant nursing lactating bitch's. Also irritable bowel desease (IBD), stops diarrhea and firms stools. Superior health begins in the colon. The dense diverse populations of microflora in Bioflora™ specifically target this need. Toxicity levels are dramatically reduced and proper pH. Levels are restored by correcting the bacterial balance for a healthy GI tract. The multiple strains of live lactobacilli, streptococci, lactococci, beneficial yeasts and acetobacter resident in Bioflora™ integrate to promote the well-being of your dog. BD™ Bioflora™ makes any food better, and is completely non-toxic, produces no side effects and completely safe to handle.
BD™ BioFlora™ The Well Spring of life
A heart healthy precision balance of nutrients for vital organ support your dog needs for a longer, healthier life. Abundant in naturally occurring glucosamine, a compound that promotes healthy joints and cartilage, developed with real meats to help maintain ideal body condition and optimal growth rates.
BD™ dog nutritional granules are enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals derived from whole fruits, vegetables, herbs, live algae and spices. BD™ dog treats support the immune system and maintains overall health. Gentle natural fiber sources maintain colonic health and enhance your dog's ability to absorb nutrients. Targeted calcium to phosphorus ratios support healthy skeletal development. DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) a brain-building nutrient found onlyin BD™ dog nutritional granules, nourishes the brain during the crucial rapid-growth stages. DHA is a key nutrient component naturally occurring in a bitch's lactose and is important for a dog's neural development, mental acuity and relates to sound brain development. Natural omega-3 fatty acid, DHA, is "brain support" for your Dog. BD™ is created with nutrient-diverse-dense ingredients that are holistic, natural and real. Specifically balanced for a dog's unique requirements.
Fresh & Living... Organic, Bio-Dynamic, Nutritious, Delicious!
Just a little amout of granules contains more bio-available nutrition than many pounds of so called "premium" commercial dog food. For this reason it has earned its reputation. For over 20 years BD™ has been the most nutritious dog treats ever formulated. BD™ builds exceptional health and improves demeanor as well as healthy skin, a bright shining coat, vital organ support, brain function, immune support, nervous system, healthy bones and teeth. Maintains fresh breath and clean teeth with enzymes and pH balance.
BD™ BioFlora™
GI Tract Ecology for dogs
Nutritional granules are hypoallergenic, low sodium containing no grains, no soy, corn, or wheat/wheat gluten. Because BD™ nutritional granules are not heat processed, the beneficial microflora (probiotics) and enzymes remain viable. BD™ nutritional granules are ideal for treating, training, rewarding, baiting and snacking. Odorless biodegradable reduced firm stools are another benefit of our purified all natural organic VitaMethod™ process. Stools turn chalk white and vanish away. BD™ nutritional granules are suitable for all ages/breeds.
Your safe alternative to commercial pet foods
SDA/ORGANIC/FRESH Hand crafted fresh daily in our own facility, in the USA, not part of the mainstream
pet food ingredients supply chain.
We take extra care to make sure your dog gets all of the nutrients you expect from BD™ wafers.