Farmers Market Fresh Direct Carefully chosen ingredients from selected farmers markets are part of the BD super supply chain. Take the real food health opportunity and turn away from counterfeit foods. Start now -- BD your pets life!

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Balance Diet™ has been on the cutting edge of pet food nutrition technology and product innovation since 1984. We were the first and only company to use true biological fermentation technology (VitaMethod™) to revolutionize pet nutrition, the first company in the world to market biological nutriceuticals, and the only company to manufacture these and other innovative products  utilizing our proprietary VitaMethod™.
Our commitment is to provide you with the purest, most effective pet nutrition products available in the world.

Integrity without compromise
Our highest priority is Pet health.  BD™ is the genuine and the original.

Today, toxic inorganic inert toxic unregulated forign ingredients are widely used in the commercial mass pet food industry. Fertilizers are used which deplete our soils of nutrients. Therefore the soils are not being replenished to add adequate values of vitamins and minerals to our crops and produce (no longer using open pollination, mostly bioengineered), as well as the pollutants and toxins. Our livestock is fed from the foods raised in the nutrient depleted soils, affecting our food supply. BD is many times more nutritious because it is concentrated through our proprietary VitaMethod (fermentation).
Enzyme activity naturally cleanses pollutants and toxins. BD is enzyme rich which improves digestion and contains much predigested matter (poor digestion is at the heart of many diseases.) This is why we use human grade and or organic ingredients and have reintroduced state-of-the-art natural biological vitamin and mineral supplements created utilizing our Vitamethod into the fermentations to be absorbed by the living microorganisms (nutrification). University studies have proven that animals live longer on high concentrations of balanced vitamins, minerals, and nutrients without consuming large quantities of food, a low caloric diet. Dense concentrations of nutrients in a low calorie diet have shown to provide optimal results.
The low caloric intake is a result of reduced consumption. Less food with more nutrients is easier on the digestive tract and causes very low insulin secretions (hormone) resulting in a lower caloric intake. High caloric intake causes high insulin levels, which can lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, neurological and brain disorders, and cholesterol complications. (Note: Cholesterol is very good for dogs in the context of the proper canine diet as found in BD.) This is why BD is indicated for the above conditions. BD is a concentrated fuel for life.
Balance Diet™ is the ultimate in dog nutrition and Balance Diet™ is formulated for the breeder, kennel, veterinarian, sportsman, or serious pet owners who want the very best. Balance Diet™ is an extremely nutritionally concentrated and diverse whole food product. Because Balance Diet™ is fermented, acidified, and cured, it provides extraordinary digestibility. Pets consume only useful nutrition (no byproducts, toxins, or fillers) and their stools become noticeably darker, firmer, and smaller. Balance Diet™ massages the intestinal tract (paristolisis) and cleanses the colon for efficient elimination. Balance Diet™ will maintain a bright shining full coat.

Balance Diet™ maintains excellent oral hygiene (whitens teeth naturally). Pets will have vitality and energy under the most stressful conditions. Your dog should be very attracted to Balance Diet™ initially. Over time your dog will eat less as it absorbs more and nutrition (nutrient saturation), this means Balance Diet™ is working, thereby increasing longevity and economy. Serve Balance Diet™ with pride and confidence.

Now serving Balance Diet™ Next Generation Formulas (No Grain)